Chandrabhaga Fair in Jhalawar Rajasthan India

Here is Some Fact about Chandrabhaga Fair in Jhalawar Rajasthan India.

Location: Jhalarapatan 6 kms from Jhalawar in Rajasthan
Fair Time:Every year in Gujarati month Kartik( Oct-Nov)
Duration: 3 Days
Main Attractions : Animal Sell,Traditional Cattle Fair
How to Reach by Air: The Nearest Airport is Kota Airport.(87 Km)
How to Reach by Rail:The Nearest Railway station is Ramganj Mandi Station.(25 KM)
How to Reach by Road: There are many public and private vehicals available.

More Information about Chandrabhaga Fair in Jhalawar 

Chandrabhaga Fair is held every year in Jhalarapatan 6 kms from Jhalawar in Rajasthan in the Gujarati month of Kartik  and according to Gregorian calendar month of October-november. On the full moon night of 'kartik purnima', thousands of pilgrims take a holy dip in the Chadrabhaga River, which is considered as a holy river by the people residing here. The fair, held on the last day of kartik, attracts devotees who bathe in the holy waters at this spot, which is known as Chandravati. Chandrabhaga fair shows a living tradition of Rajasthan. Folk music mesmerizes everyone and colourful art & crafts are best to shop in the fair. 

The Chandrabhaga Fair in Rajasthan welcomes thousands of visitors and participants from all over the nation.Chandrabhaga Fair would also attract farmers, cow, camel, horses, and bullock and buffalo owners from the neighboring states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra as huge cattle fair is also combined with the festivities.These animals are dressed in multicoloured attires and accessories so that they can catch the attention of the buyers.While some of the animals bought here is used in the agricultural fields the others are used as beast of burdens, sports and in the households. The visitors can also lay their hands on the colourful art and crafts that are exhibited and sold in the fair.

Nearest Visiting Place of  Chandrabhaga Fair 

Chandrabhaga Temple
Jhalawar Fort
Government Museum
Bhawani Natyashala
Rein Basera
Gagron Fort
Fort Of Gangadhar

Video of  Chandrabhaga Fair 

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