Lalbaugcharaja Opening Ceremony 2019 -Lalbagcha Raja 2019 Darshan-Lalbaugcharaja 2019 Charan Sparsh-Lalbagcha Raja 2019 Mukh Darshan 2019-Images 2019

Lalbaugcharaja Opening Ceremony 2019

Lalbagcha Raja Ganeshotsav 2019 will be inaugurated on Thursday 1st September 2019, early morning 4.00 AM by the Mandal’s President Mr.Balasaheb Sudam Kamble. The same will be further followed by Pratishthapana Puja.

Post the Puja, Lalbagcha Raja 2019 darshan will be opened to all the devotees from early morning 6.00 AM onwards and the Lalbaugcha Raja souvenir for 2018 will be published.

The Morning aarti will take place at 12.30 PM, by the Mandal’s President Mr.Balasaheb Sudam Kamble. The Evening aarti will take place at 08.30 PM.

Lalbagcha Raja 2019 Darshan

Lalbaugcha Raja darshan for all devotees will be available for 24 hours from early morning 6.00 AM, Thursday 1st September 2018 onwards to Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Lalbaugcharaja 2019 Charan Sparsh

Lalbaugcha Raja Charan Sparsh will be available for 24 hours from early morning 6.00 AM, Monday 1st September 2019 onwards. The darshan will be closed on Thursday 11th September 2019, Morning 10.00 A.M.

Charan Sparsh (Touch the Feet) will take the following route: Dinshaw Petit Lane – G.D. Ambekar Marg. To reach here one can come from Lower Parel Station on Western Line and Curry Road Station on Central Line.

Lalbagcha Raja 2019 Mukh Darshan 2019

Lalbaugcha Raja Mukh Darshan will be available for 24 hours from early morning 6.00 AM, Thursday 1st September 2019 onwards The darshan will be closed on Saturday 11th September 2019, Midnight 12.00 AM.

This ceremony of Lalbaugcha Raja’s first look and photoshoot will be organised by Lalbaug Sarvajanik Ganeshostav mandal.

Mukh Darshan line will take the following route:- Chhatrapati Shivaji Ground (Garam Khada) – Dr. B. A. Road – Dattaram Lad Marg – T.B. Kadam Marg – Add’l C.P. office – Dr. B. A. Road – RANI BAUG on Central Line. To reach here one can come from Chinchpokali or Byculla Station. (Depending upon the length of the line) The Mukh Darshan queue is also reachable from Cotton Green Station on Harbour Railway.)

Mukh Darshan Video Coming Soon 

Lalbagcha Raja 2019 Images 

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Importance and Significance of Pradhosha Vrata

An auspicious day dedicated to Lord Shiva, Pradosham falls on the 13th day (Trayodashi) of the lunar fortnight (Paksha). Pradosham Vratam occurs during the two different phases of the moon (waxing and waning) as per the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. A Pradosham falling on a Monday is called Soma Pradosh or Chandra Pradosh, on a Tuesday is known as Bhauma Pradosh, and on a Saturday is called Shani Pradosh. Among all the Pradosham vrats, the Soma Pradosh and Shani Pradosh are the most significant one observed by most devotees. The fast is observed from sunrise until sunset and is considered to be highly beneficial. To know more on the meaning and importance of Pradosham Vratam, continue glancing through the lines herein. 

Pradhosha Vrata Significance 

According to the Shiva Puranas, observing a fast on Pradosham Vratam is regarded as highly auspicious and beneficial. One would be blessed with wealth, children, happiness and honor. While the fast is undertaken by all Shiva devotees, but all women who have been longing for a son specially observe this. Also, praying to Lord Shiva during the course of the fast is said to liberate the devotee from all his previous and present sins and evil deeds committed. According to one legend, Lord Shiva is believed to have drunk the Halahala poison during Pradosham. This poison was mixed with the Ocean of Milk (Samudra Manthan). 

Another myth relates the importance of observing this vrat with the divine couple, Lord Shiva and Parvati. On the Trayodashi day during the evening twilight, the couple is said to be in a propitious and favorable mood. Hence, all prayers and grants demanded by a sincere and loyal devotee are easily fulfilled. Additionally, Bael or Bilva leaves are offered to the Lord during this twilight period as it is regarded to be very fortunate. Hence, all stern Shiva devotees observe both the fasts that occur on two Pradosha days in a month. Such devotees consume only water during their fast and break their fast by eating Prasad after the evening prayers only. 

Furthermore, they eat cooked food only from the next morning. Some devotees follow another method for fasting during Pradhosham Vratam. These eat fruits while observing the vrat and resume with eating cooked food on the same day after the evening prayers. Therefore, the strictness followed during the Pradosha fasting totally relies on the devotee. Nonetheless, there are devotees who do not observe a vrat on this day but offer prayers and worship Shiva either at home or in temples.
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Jalaram Jayanti 2018 Date-Pooja Timing-Jalaram Jayanti 2018 Whats app facebook status-Jalarambapa HD Wallpaper-Celeration Pictures

Jalaram Jayanti 2018 Date

Jalaram Jayanti is birth Anniversary of Hindu Saint Jalaram Bapa who born in Virpur near Rajkot Saurashtra Gujarat. According to English calendar Jalaram Jayanti 2018 date is November 14 and according to Gujarati calendar  celebration on kartik sud satam(day of seven).On this day, devotees are served meal as prasad.The Jalaram Jayanti celebrations are also held at all Jalaram temples spread throughout India & abroad with festivities, where devotees participate to pay their respects and have prasad.

Jalaram Jayanti  Pooja Timing2018 

6:41 AM to 08:03 AM - Labh
08:03 AM to 9:26 Amrut
10:49 AM to 12:11 AM Shuh
02:56PM to 4:19 PM Chal
04:19 PM to 5:41 PM Labh

Jalaram Jayanti 2018 Whats app facebook status

Ram Nam me lin Hai 
Dekhat Sab me Ram
Take pad vandan karu 
Jay jay jay Jalaram

Jay Jaliyan Kar Kalyan

 Jalarambapa HD Wallpaper

Jalaram Jayanti Celebration Pictures

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Diwali 2018 Whats App Stickers: How to download and use Diwali WhatsApp stickers to wish your friends & Well Wishers

Here is how you can use of the latest feature on Whats App, Whats App Stickers to wish your family and friends this Diwali.WhatsApp has become one of the most essential apps in our lives and when it comes any festive season, millions and millions of wishes are shared through the platform. As Diwali is just around the corner, WhatsApp has added another feature to its platform called as the Whats App sticker feature, through which you can send stickers to your contacts apart from gifts, videos or images.

Moreover, Whats App has also allowed support for third-party apps through which you can add various other stickers to the app apart from the 12 sticker packs that Whats App has launched. This means that you can head to the app store in order to install any other third-party app which offers stickers for special occasions or festivities and share them with your Whats App contacts as wishes or an even better way to express yourself.

This Diwali, you have another option to send your best wishes in form of WhatsApp stickers and here, we are going to tell you about how can you wish your family and friends with WhatsApp stickers this Deepawali rather sending them the same texts, images of gifs. It should be noted that your WhatsApp app should be updated to version 2.18 or higher to use this feature. 

How to download and use Diwali Whats App stickers to wish your friends & Well Wishers

➤Open any WhatsApp chat on your smartphone.
➤Tap on the ‘Smiley’ icon and access the stickers option at the bottom.
➤Select the ‘Get more stickers’ option after scrolling down the list.
➤You will be directed to the Google Play Store and you can download Diwali stickers of your choice
➤Once stickers are downloaded as an app on your smartphone, open the said app and tao on the ‘Add to Whats App’ option.
➤The Diwali Whats App stickers will now be copied inside your Whats App app which you can be accessed from the stickers option.
➤Select any one of them to send to your chats and wish them ‘Happy Diwali’.

It should be noted that the option to add more Whats App stickers is not present on i Phones or iOS, however, you can send Diwali Whats App stickers from Apple’s OS as well. The catch here is, you should receive a Diwali Whats App sticker first and then add it to your favorites by long pressing on the Whats App sticker. These stickers could be found after tapping on the star icon under the Whats App stickers option.

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Kali Chaudas or Narak Chaturdashi Puja Procedure and Story

Narak Chaturdashi is a Hindu festival that is celebrated a day prior to Diwali, i.e. on Choti Diwali. It celebrates Lord Krishna’s victory over demon Narakasura. This festival is also known as Kali Chaudas or Roop Chaudas.

In some Indian regions and cultures, it is believed that it was Goddess Kali who killed the Rakshasa Narakasura. Thus it is celebrated as Kali Chaudas.

The Story of Kali Chaudas

Once there was a demon named Narakasur who was the son of Bhumi Mata (Mother Earth). Due to his several superhuman powers, he grew arrogant and troubled all the three worlds. The helpless gods sought the help of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna ascended the divine vehicle Garuda along with his wife Satyabhama and reached the fort of Narakasur. He destroyed the demon Mura who was guarding the fort. Later Satyabhama killed Narakasur since he had the boon that he could only be killed by a woman. The day of Kali Chaudas marks the victory of good over evil. On this day it is believed that Ma Durga takes the form of Kalratri and vanquishes all the demons and evil forces.

Kali Chaudas Puja Procedure

Narak Chaturdashi is one of the prominent festivals that is celebrated on the 2nd day Of Diwali. The process of Narak Chaturdashi Pooja is as follows:-

Take wooden chowki and place a red cloth at the place of the Pooja.
Place the picture of Lord Ganesh & Goddess Laxmi on the Chowki.
Take a plate and put a red cloth first over it and then place a few silver coins on the same.
Now, take a big plate, make swastika in the middle, put 11 diyas around and place a Diya with 4 faces in the middle of the plate.
Now add sugar in the 11 diyas, or you can add makhana, kheel or murmura as well.
Next important step is to light the 4 faced Diya first and then light other 11 diyas.
Now take roli and place tilak on Goddess Laxmi & Saraswati and Lord Ganesha with the combination of red colour and rice.
Now put a combination of roli and rice in all diyas and then perform Ganesh Laxmi Panchopchar Puja.
The next step is to light another diya and put it in the front of Goddess Laxmi’s picture.
Light agarbatti & dhoop and place flowers & sweets in front of the Goddess Laxmi’s picture.
Now barring the 7 diyas and one main 4 faced diya, take rest of the diyas and place them on the main entrance of the house.
Recite Laxmi Mantra “Shreem Swaha” for bare minimum 108 times and thank Lord Ganesh & Goddess Laxmi for their blessings.
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Today Dhanteras 2018 Puja Muhurt-Dhanteras Preparations-Dhanteras Whats app -Facebook-Status -Wishes-Quotes-Greetings-Pictures

All of Wish you a diwali and Dhanteras 2018 your family and friends.Dhanteras is also a major festival in India and auspicious occasion for Hindus.Dhanteras is celebrated on the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha (the dark fortnight) in the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin and it marks the first of the five days of Diwali celebrations.Dhanteras day is related to Godess Lakshami and according to Hindu believing Goddess Lakshami is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. 

On Dhanteras Hindus worship Dhanvantari, who is considered to be the teacher of all physicians.Dhanteras has become associated with wealth and people buy gold or silver on the day.However Dhanvantari traditionally has no association with wealth.In modern times people use the day as an opportunity to buy silver and gold jewellery and homeware and the day also sees a lot of technology and car purchases.

Dhanteras Puja Shubh Muhurat Timings 2018

Shubh Muhurat for Dhanteras Puja - 18:05 to 20:01
Total Duration for Dhanteras Puja - 1 Hour 55 Mins
Pradosh Kaal - 17:29 to 20:07
Vrishabha Kaal - 18:05 to 20:01  

Dhanteras Preparations

To mark the auspicious day, houses and business premises are renovated and decorated. Entrances are made colorful with lovely traditional motifs of Rangoli designs to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. To indicate her long-awaited arrival, small footprints are drawn with rice flour and vermilion powder all over the houses. Lamps are kept burning all through the nights.

Dhanteras2018 Whats app-Facebook-Status

Dhanteras give 10 things in lyf

D - Dhan
H -Health
A -Anand
N -Nature
T -Talent
E -Enjoyment
R -Romance
A -Aitbar
S -Saubhagya
H -Honesty
wish u & ur family
Happy Dhanteras

May this Dhanteras endow you with opulence and prosperity,
Happiness comes to your steps,
Wishing you and your family ‘Happy Dhanteras’

God’s blessing may cum as a surprise And
how much U receive Depends on how much Ur Heart can believe.
May U be blessed beyond wait U expect..
Subh Dhanteras

May this Dhanteras light up new dreams,
Fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues,
Different perspectives, everything bright & beautiful,
And fill your days with pleasant surprises and moments.
Happy Dhanteras to you and your family.

Dear Goddess Lakshmi
Bless the recipient of this message
With thirteen times Dhan
on this Dhanteras
Happy Dhanteras 

Dhanteras2018  Wishes-Quotes

 May Dhanteras Festival 
Wishing you with Wealth & Prosperity 
As you journey towards greater success 
Happy Dhanteras 2018

Wishing all of Happy Dhanters you and your Family.

Dhanteras2018 Greetings

 Dhanteras Pictures 2018

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Diwali Festival 2018 Calendar Date and time, Puja Muhurt

Diwali  is the Hindu festival of lights. It is celebrated in late Ashwin month  and ends in early Kartik.According to English Gregorian calendar Diwali is celebrated October-November month every year.This Diwali day falls on the amavasya or the no moon day. Diwali date comes 20 days after the popular festival of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashmi.The Diwali festival actually runs for five days, with the main celebrations happening on the third day in most places in India.Diwali festival starts of Dhanteras and end of Bhai Dooj.Here is information about Diwali festival 2018 Calendar Date and time, Puja Muhurt.


➤  The first day is known as Dhanteras, Laxmi Pooja,Trayodashi,Dhantrayodashi, Dhanteras, Dhanvantari Trayodashi, Yama Deepam.

Dhanteras Date 2018 ,Puja Muhurt : November 5, 2018
Dhanteras Puja Muhurta  - 18:20 to 20:17
Duration - 1 Hour 57 Mins
Pradosh Kaal - 17:42 to 20:17
Vrishabha Kaal - 18:20 to 20:18
Trayodashi Tithi Starts = 01:24 on 5/Nov/2018
Trayodashi Tithi Ends = 23:46 on 5/Nov/2018

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The second day is known as Naraka Chaturdasi or Chhoti Diwali , Kali Chaudas

Naraka Chaturdasi Date 2018 ,Puja Muhurt : 6th November 2018
Kali Chaudas Nishita Puja Time -  05:03 to 06:38
Duration - 1 Hour 35 Mins
Chaturdashi Tithi Begins = 23:46 on 5/Nov/2018
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends = 22:27 on 6/Nov/2018
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➤ The third day is the new moon day known as Amavasya, Diwali,Sarashwati Puja,Lakshmi Puja, Diwali Puja,Kedar Gauri Vrat,Chopda Puja, Sharda Puja and Bengal Kali Puja .

Diwali , Sharda Puja, Chopda Pujan Date 2018 ,Puja Muhurt :November 7, 2018(Wednesday)
Morning Muhurta (labh,Amrut) - 06:49 - 09:35
Morning Muhurta (shubh) - 11:46 - 12:25
Evening Muhurta (labh, Chal) - 03:12 to - 5:57
Night Muhurta (Amrut,chal) - 7:34 -12:25
Amavasya Tithi Begins = 22:27 on 6/Nov/2018
Amavasya Tithi Ends = 21:31 on 7/Nov/2018
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The fourth day known as Gujarati New Year Day,Bestu Varsh,Govardhan Puja,Annakutosav,and many more.

New Year Day Date 2018 ,Puja Muhurt : November 8, 2018 ( Thursay)
Govardhan Puja Pratahkal Muhurat - 06:50AM to 08:13 AM
Duration -  2 Hours 12 Mins
Govardhan Puja Sayankal Muhurat - 15:28 to 17:41
Duration - 2 Hours 12 Mins
Pratipada Tithi Begins = 21:31 on 7/Nov/2018
Pratipada Tithi Ends = 21:07 on 8/Nov/2018
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➤ The fifth day is known as Bhai Duj,Bhaiya Dooj, Bhau Beej and Yama Dwitiya .

Bhai Dooj Date 2018 ,Puja Muhurt : October 21, 2017 Saturday
Yamraj Puja Muhurat  - 13:16 to 15:28
Duration -  2 Hours 12 Mins
Dwitiya Tithi Begins = 21:07 on 8/Nov/2018
Dwitiya Tithi Ends = 21:20 on 9/Nov/2018
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