Mumbai cha Raja Ganesh Galli Mumbai 2018

Ganesh Gulli idol was unveiled for a photoshoot ahead of the Ganapati Festival at Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal Mumbaicha Raja, Ganesh Galli, on Tuesday. It is the tallest Ganapati idol in Mumbai. Although it is unknown when (or how) Ganesha Chaturthi was first observed, the festival has been publicly celebrated in Pune since the era of Shivaj.

This year the Ganesh Galli Cha Raja Idol enters its 91st year. The Ganesh Galli Cha Raja is visited by thousands and lakhs of devotees every day during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Ganesh Galli cha Raja also called as 'Mumbaicha Raja' is one of the oldest and one of the most renowned Ganpati pandals in Mumbai. Founded in 1928, the Ganesh Galli pandal will be celebrating its 91st Ganpati festival this year. Interestingly, it is just a few lanes away from the most popular pandal in Mumbai, Lalbaug Cha Raja. The Ganesh Galli pandal is well known for its unique themes which are often a replica of popular temples of India. Mumbaicha Raja is also one of the oldest Ganpati pandals in Lalbaug.

Address: 1, Ganesh Lane, Lal Baug, Parel

How to reach: Nearest station is Chinchpokli and Curry Road stations. If you are on the Western Railway route then Lower Parel station is your best bet. The pandal is also accessible via BEST buses, taxis and private vehicles.

Mumbai Cha Raja Ganesh Galli  Video

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Lalbagcha Raja Ganesh Utsav Mumbai Live Darshan 2018

One of Mumbai’s most famous Ganpati pandals, Lalbaugcha Raja witnesses a footfall of over 2 crores over the span of 10 days. This Ganeshotsav marks the 85th year of the pandal’s existence. In 1934, fishermen and vendors in the Lalbaug-Worli area set up the first idol here, and since then, the Lalbaugcha Raja pandal has grown to attract lakhs of devotees from across the country and globe. It is open for darshan around the clock from 6am on 13 September to 10am on 22 September 2018. Almost every major aarti will be streamed live, on the Lalbaugcha Raja mandal’s YouTube channel.Here is Lalbagcha Raja Live Darshan 13/09/2018 .

Lalbagcha Raja Ganesh Utsav Mumbai Live Darshan 2018


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Lalbaugcharaja Opening Ceremony 2018 -Lalbagcha Raja 2018 Darshan-Lalbaugcharaja 2018 Charan Sparsh-Lalbagcha Raja 2018 Mukh Darshan 2018-Images 2018

Lalbaugcharaja Opening Ceremony 2018

Lalbagcha Raja Ganeshotsav 2018 will be inaugurated on Thursday 13th September 2018, early morning 4.00 AM by the Mandal’s President Mr.Balasaheb Sudam Kamble. The same will be further followed by Pratishthapana Puja.

Post the Puja, Lalbagcha Raja 2018 darshan will be opened to all the devotees from early morning 6.00 AM onwards and the Lalbaugcha Raja souvenir for 2018 will be published.

The Morning aarti will take place at 12.30 PM, by the Mandal’s President Mr.Balasaheb Sudam Kamble. The Evening aarti will take place at 08.30 PM.

Lalbagcha Raja 2018 Darshan

Lalbaugcha Raja darshan for all devotees will be available for 24 hours from early morning 6.00 AM, Thursday 13th September 2018 onwards to Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Lalbaugcharaja 2018 Charan Sparsh

Lalbaugcha Raja Charan Sparsh will be available for 24 hours from early morning 6.00 AM, Thursday 13th September 2018 onwards. The darshan will be closed on Saturday 22nd September 2018, Morning 10.00 A.M.

Charan Sparsh (Touch the Feet) will take the following route: Dinshaw Petit Lane – G.D. Ambekar Marg. To reach here one can come from Lower Parel Station on Western Line and Curry Road Station on Central Line.

Lalbagcha Raja 2018 Mukh Darshan 2018

Lalbaugcha Raja Mukh Darshan will be available for 24 hours from early morning 6.00 AM, Thursday 13th September 2018 onwards The darshan will be closed on Saturday 22nd September 2018, Midnight 12.00 AM.

Mukh Darshan line will take the following route:- Chhatrapati Shivaji Ground (Garam Khada) – Dr. B. A. Road – Dattaram Lad Marg – T.B. Kadam Marg – Add’l C.P. office – Dr. B. A. Road – RANI BAUG on Central Line. To reach here one can come from Chinchpokali or Byculla Station. (Depending upon the length of the line) The Mukh Darshan queue is also reachable from Cotton Green Station on Harbour Railway.)

Lalbagcha Raja 2018 Images 

Lalbagcha Raja 2018 Mukh Darshan video


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Nandotsav or Nanda Mahotsav (Parna) and Dahi Handi 2018 in Sri Krishna Temples

Nand Mahotsav is festival celebrated on next day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami.In this year 2018 Nandotsav date is 3rd September.

It is said that all the villagers of Vraj visited Nanda's house to have darshan of beby Shri Krishna.All Munis and maharshis bestowed their blessings on little Krishna.Child Krishna is swung in a cradle and even today,lineage-holders dress up as Yashoda and swing their Beloved Krishna.  

Dahi Handi 

This most popular ceremony of Dahi-handi takes place on the second day of celebrations. The celebration of Krishna's birth is also known as "Dahihandi". An earthen pot or "matka" or "handi" filled with curds, milk, curds, butter, honey, fruits and "jvari" is tied from a high rope about 20 to 40 feet high. The rope also has prize money tied to it. This prize money is distributed among those who participate in the building the pyramid. It is a spectacular sight to see. 

Young men form a human pyramid to break the pot. To do so they climb, constructing a human pyramid by standing over each other's shoulders till the pyramid is tall enough to enable the person at the top to reach the pot and claim the contents after breaking it.

A popular image of Krishna was and still is......Krishna stealing dahi or butter from an earthen pot.  During his childhood, the naughty and adventurous Lord Krishna along with his mates used to raid the houses of his neighbors in search of milk and butter, they too would build a human pyramid and plunder the pots of milk and butter. This ceremony replicates Krishna's love for milk and butter.

Once the pot is broken, the contents are eaten as "prasad" amidst acclamations of "Govind" which is another name for Krishna.
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Janmashtami 2018 Celebration Pictures and Video in Tripda sanskar Kendra Pri School Borsad

Janmashtami Mahotsav is celebrated in our School Shri Tripda sanskar kendra Primary School and Balmandir Vibhag.Every year Janmashtami celebration in my school.This year Janmashtami celebration with lot of fun.Here is Janmashtami 2018 Celebration Pictures and Video in Tripda sanskar Kendra Pri School Borsad .

Janmashtami 2018 Celebration Pictures 



Janmashtami 2018 Celebration Video

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