Krtik Purnima or Dev Diwali Pooja Timing and Bathing(Snan) Timing, Date 2016

The festival of Kartik Purnima is celebrated with great fervour and zeal all across India, irrespective of the religious inclinations. Hindus believe it to be auspicious to perform a ‘Snan’ (bathing ritual) and worship their Gods and Goddesses. Kartik Purnima is also celebrated as ‘Dev Deepavali’ that is the Diwali for Gods and Goddesses.  Kartik Purnima bath is taken on Kartik Purnima falling at sun rise. If Kartik Purnima falls on two days and falls or does not fall at Sun Rise then it is celebrated on the first day.On this day the observer should worship the 6 Kruthikas, Shiva, Sambhuti, Santati etc at time of moonrise. One who ceremoniously donates a buffalo at night, is blessed and achieves highest state of celibacy (Shivapad). One should observe a fast on this day and should contemplate upon God. Here is Kartik Purnima or Dev Diwali Pooja and Bathing (Snan)Timing and Date of year 2016.

Kartik Purnima Date : November 14th Monday
Purnima Tithi Begins - 23:17 on 13th November 2016
Purnima Tithi Ends -  19:22 on 14th November 2016
Sunrise :14-Nov-2016 06:43 AM
Sunset : 14-Nov-2016 17:38 PM

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