Ram Navami Festival Legends-Importance Of Fasting On Ram Navami

Ram Navami Festival Legends

Ram Navami is a famous Hindu festival, which celebrates the birth of Lord Rama. It falls on the ninth day of the shukla paksha, or bright phase of the moon, in the lunar month of Chaitra (April-May). Rama is amongst the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu and also one of the two most popular avatars, along with Lord Krishna. Consequently, Rama Navami is widely celebrated across India. Lord Rama is considered to be the epitome of perfection, the uttama purusha, fulfilling all his duties towards both family and subjects.

At that time, Ravana (king of Lanka) was terrorizing the people, and all were longing for liberation from his menace. Ravana was invincible, because Lord Brahma gave him a boon according to which, he would never die at the hands of gods, or Gandharvas, Or Yakshas (demigods) or demons. As he was not afraid of humankind, he did not care to include men in the list of his potential slayers. Therefore, Brahmadev declared that Ravan would die at the hands of a man. Then the gods went to Vishnu with the request, “Dasarath is a glorious king. Please, take birth in the wombs of his three queens in four different degrees of your divinity.”

When Dasarath’s sacrifice ended, a shining figure appeared over the sacrificial homa kund, and offered the king a divine beverage called “payasam” to be given to his queens Kausalya, Kaikayi, and Sumitra. In due time, Kausalya gave birth to Rama, Kaikayi to Bharat and Sumitra to Laxman and Shatrugna. Rama was born at noon of the bright ninth day of Chaitra. He was believed to be the embodiment of half degree of Vishnu’s divinity, (Ardha Ounsh). His birth is celebrated as Ram Navami, with pomp and geity.

Importance Of Fasting On Ram Navami

A Ram devotee keep a strict fast on Ram Navami, because the Ram Navami vrata is considered to be one of the five most important vratas in the ancient times. According to the ancient religious texts, it is imperative for every devotee to observe the Ram Navami vrat, as it is the only easy mean of gaining happiness in the material world and achieving salvation at the same time.

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