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Ramnavmi or the birthday of Lord Rama is a major Hindu festival celebrated all over the country by devout

Hindus,both Vaishnavites and Shaivites.Rama ,the seventh incarnation of Vishnu was born on the ninth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra (March-April) in Ayodhya ,in the Treta Yug or the Second Age.Vishnu is the God ,who is desireless, formless, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent,blissful, the superme spirit, whose shadow is the world; who incarnates himself as Rama or Krishna and is the guiding force for all activities;who is affectionate to his devitees;who in his mercy refrains from anger against those whom he loves and knows to be his own.Adi Kavi ,Valmiki,in his celebrated Ramayana, describes the advent of rama.
Then after the expiry of six seasons and on the completion of the twelfth month,on the nine lunar day of the month of Chaitra under the star Punarvasu; when the Sun ,Mars,Saturn ,Jupitar and Venus were placed at Aries, Copricorn, Libra, Cancer, and Pisces;when the Moon with Jupiter entrerd in Zodic sign Cancer; kaushilya gave birth to Rama who had mighty arams,rosy eyes and scarlet lips.He became the joy of Dashratha and came to be adored by all peole.He bore all auspmarks on his fair body.
The Ramayana means the "Way of Rama"Ramayana received great reverence as the greatest epic because it embodies the best of human ideals and sims up the character pertaining to aindian reality.As a popular religious epic and great literary work nothing can insoire and enthuse us more than the Ramayana.A verse in the end of ramcharit manas reads.
There is no age as good as Iron Age(Kaliyug), Provided one has faith and devotes himself in praising the sportless virtues of Rama.Then he escapes from the vast sea of birth and death without any toruble.In the Iron Age what is important is that whosoever has received profusely from the blessings of God should practice charity, so that he becoms more prosperous.
A Fair ides of the Ramayana's immense popularity can be had from the fact that there are about 350 versions of it in Hindi alone, and the name of Rama , as 'Ram Ram'.'Jai  Tamji Ki', is a common from of salutation among the masses.
The Ramanavmi  festival offers us an opportunity to imbibe at least some of the ideals and spirit enshrined in Rama.On this great day Lord Rama is worshipped, prayers are offered to him and it is sure way of imbibing his ideals.One who approaches his lotus feet with love, devotion and humility becomes noble,large hearted ,pious,peaceful, master of senses and the beloved of the wise.On this sacred  day one should observed fast and practice charities,.One should visit the temple of Ra,a early in the morning after bath etc.You can also make a small shrine at home and install a picture of Sri Rama-Panchayatan in it and offer prayers and puja.
In Ayodhya ,the  birth place of Sri Rama, grand scale celebrations are organized; the temples are decorated, Ramayana is read and recited and a grand fair is held.At other places also icons of  Rama, alongwith Sita and Hanuman is richly adorned and worshipped and other acts of devotion and piety are observed.Chanting of the holy Sankirtan and holding of lectures and discourses on Rama's life and teachings, for the benefits of the audience, is  a common feature of the celebrations.On this occasion people take vow to devote themselves more to their spiriatual and moral evolution.'Rama man' is a great magic formula(mantra) and is like a wish-fulfilling tree(kalp vriksha), and must be repeated ,recited and meditated upon every now and then.Tulsidas has said that if one place the name of Rama on his tongue; like a jewelled lamp placed on the threshold of the door, there will be light both inside and outside.
Ramnavmi is also celebrated as the Vasant Navratra and the celebration starts from the first lunar day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra and lasts upto Ramnavmi.On Ashthami  or the eight day ,Durga is worshipped.A fast is observed during the nine days and Durga-saptshati is read and an earthen pitcher filled with water is installed at home and worshipped.Some observe fast only on the first and the last day lakshamana also worshipped Mother Durga before killing Ravana.Those who wishes to achieve something worthwhile in life, should seek the Mother's grace and Ramnavmi is the proper occasion for it, both Rama and Devi ,symbolize the victory of good over the evil. 

Shri Ramashtak 

Shri Ramchandra Kripalu Bhaju Man,
Haran Bhav Bhay Darunam.
Nav Kanj Lochan Kanj Mukh ,
Kar Kanj Pad Kanjarundam.
Kandarp Aganit Amit Chhavi,
Navneel Neeraj Sundaram.
Pat Peet Manhun Tarit Ruchi Shuchi 
Naumi Janak Sutavaram.
Bhaju Deen Bandu Dinesh Danav ,
Daitya-Vansh Nikandanam.
Sir Mukut Dundal Tilak Charu,
Udar Ang Vibhushanam.
Aajanubhuj Shar Chaap Dhar,
Sangram Jit Khardushanam .
ITI Wadti Tulsidas Shankar,
Shesh Muniman Ranjanam.
Mam Hriday Kanj Niwas Kuru,
Kamadi Khal Dal Ganjanam.
Mani Jaahi Racheu Milahin
So Var Sahaj Sundar Sanvro.
Karunanidhan Sujan Seelu,
Sanehu Janat Raavaro.
Ehi Bhanti Gauri Asis Suni Siya,
Sahit Hiya Harshitahin.
Tulsi Bhawanihi Puja Puni-Puni,
Mudit Man Mandir Chalin.
Jaani Gauri Anukool Siya hiya
Harshu Na Jayi Kahi.

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