Ram Navmi Festival-Ram Navmi Celebration

The birth of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu ,in the treta Yug is celebrated on the day of Ram Navmi.This day falls on the ninth day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu Lunar month of Chaitra.
On this day, prayers are offered in the temples by devotees.On this occasion, all the people following the Hindu religion pray and chant the name of Lord Ram.As Lord Ram was born exactly at 12 O'clock at noon, the puja starts from the same time.On this day all the Hindus take early morning bath and then go to the nearest temple of Lord Ram to worship him.
Ayodhya , the birth place of Lord Ram, is the focus of great pomp and show in celebrations.A huge fair is organized for two days.'Rathyatras' or ;chariot processions' of Ram, his wife sita, brother Lakshman and Hanuman are taken out from many temples.At the Kanaka Bnavan Temple in Ayodhya, thousands of piligrams converge and colourful processions are held.Shri Ram is said to have been born at mid day,when a priest formally announces his birth by  placing a coconut in a cradle.
In Some parts of India, especially Buhar,Hariyana and Uttar Pradesh ,public gatherings to hear sermon called Satsangs are organized to commemorate the birth of Rama.In Nagpur , Maharashtra ,the Ram Janmotsav Shobhayatra is celebrated with very high spirit at the Shri Poddareshwar Ram temple ,which was built in 1923.
Many devotees stay awake on the previous night in many of the US Hindu temples, to commemorate the birth of Lord Ram next day.A haven is peaformed and they ding devotinal songs in praise of Lord Ram and rock his image in cradles to celebrate his birth.

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