Cheti Chand(Gudi Padwa,Ugadi) Festival Celebration in Different States of India

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Cheti chand festival is New year day of all Sindhi People and also known as Jhulelal Birthday the patron saint of Sindhis.It is also celebrated by the Sindhi diaspora around the world. According to the Hindu calendar, it is the second day of the month chaitra (i.e. a day after Ugadi and Gudi Padwa), known as Chet in the Sindhi language. Hence it is known as Chet-i-Chand. This year it is celebrated on 9th April.In India and Pakistan a grand celebration to this festival.India's different states celebrate this festival different names and differents types.Here is Some Information about Cheti Chand Festival celebration in Maharashtra Known as "Gudi Padwa",Andhra Pradesh "Ugadi" and Karnataka known as "Kannada New Year Festival".

Cheti Chand or Gudi Padwa Celebration In Maharashtra 

Gudi Padwa is one of the major festivals celebrated by the people of Maharashtra.Gudi Padwa is falls on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitraand according to English Calander mostly celebrate in month of March-April.The day of Gudi Padwa starts with the cleaning ritual, in which the house is fully cleaned (in case of villages, it is then covered with fresh cow-dung). Thereafter, women and children indulge in the drawing as well as coloring of intricate rangoli designs on the doorsteps. Usually, vibrant colors are chosen for the rangoli, in keeping with the spirit of the festival. Every member of the family wears new clothes and eats soonth panak and chana usal, the specialties of the day.
Other delicacies made on Gudhi Padwa festival include Shrikand and Poori. In the earlier days, family members used to start the day by eating the leaves of neem tree. However, the tradition is not as rigidly followed these days. Usually, people consume a paste of neem leaves (combined with ajwain, jaggery and tamarind). The leaves as well as the paste are believed to cleanse blood and toughen the immune system.

Cheti Chand or Ugadi Festival Celebration In Karnataka

The people of Karnataka celebrate Ugadi festival with great devotion. Preparations for Ugadi begin a week
Traditionally, reading literary works, poetic recitations, chanting of mantras, listening to the future predictions and hearing classical music are a part of the Ugadi celebration.
‘Panchanga Sravanam’, the religious almanac for the year to come, is the most observed ritual of Ugadi. Predictions for future are organised at temples. The day is considered to be auspicious to start new ventures.
in advance; homes are cleaned and decorated, new clothes are bought, and on the day of the festival itself, fresh mango leaves are strung up above doorways to denote prosperity in the New Year. Pujas and feasting are, as in almost all the other festivals of India, an important aspect of the celebrations.

 Cheti Chand or Ugadi Festival Celebration In Andhra Pradesh 

The Ugadi Festival in Andhra Pradesh is the New Year festival that is celebrated every year as Ugadi marks the beginning of the Hindi Lunar calendar. Ugadi marks a day of joy and happiness, aspirations and hope, the belief are that this day and its joys would foreshadow the course of events for the upcoming year.
Ugadi festival in Andhra Pradesh is the festival to rejoice the coming of the New Year. It gives the people of Andhra Pradesh a reason to celebrate the coming of the New Year in many different ways. People wake up early and wear new clothes. The festoons of mangoe(torana) are tied to the doors and the houses are decorated with fresh flowers. There is a special 'Chutney' called Ugadi pachadi that is made during the Ugadi festival which is kept in an earthen pot before the idol of the house. Thereafter, puja is performed and everyone takes the share of the chutney and go for feasts and meals together.

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