Pongal Festival Special Poems and songs

The Pongal songs of Tamil land have in them a remarkable charm just as one can find in the songs of any other country. But what is special in these Pongal songs is, they not only possess a native charm and the aroma of the soil but have preserved in them a certain literary and artistic quality which is at once striking and characteristic.Here is Some Pongal Festival songs and Poems.

Thalaivar Pongal Songs

Podhuvaaha en manasu thangon
Oru poattiyinnu vandhuputta singon
Unmaya solvaen nallatha seiven
vetri mel vetri varum...
aaduvom paaduvom kondaaduvom
aanandham kaanuvom ennaalumae

Vandhaendaa paal kaaraen
Pasumaatta paththi paada poaraen
Oru paattu katti aada poaraen
Pullu kuduththaa paalu kudukkum
unnaala mudiyaathu thambi
Hey Paadhi pulla porakkuthappaaa
Pasumbaala thai paala nambiiii

Ageless Tamil

Long before metamorphosis of rocks
We matured Tamils have lived some say
Rice with farming appeared in the land
Life with a code of conduct man founded
Was looking for green pastures
Journeyed on foot then - later
Words and language appeared in the world
Tamils provided culture and made the world glow.

Pongal Video Songs

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