Bhavya Hindola Utsav in Vadtal Golden Swaminarayan temple

Bhavya Hindola Utsav(Swing Festival) is one type of Bhakti.Every year, during the monsoon months of Ashadh and Shravan (July - August) the mandirs in India and abroad are awash with devotion. The arrival of the Hindola Utsav during these months usher a new breeze of bhakti and festivity in the temples of India. For one whole month, the chal (mobile) murti of the Lord is placed in a hindola and pulled to and fro with a string. The sadhus and devotees sing the hindola bhajans with the accompaniment of the mrudang and cymbals. The mandir ambience is charged with the sound and fragrance of bhakti.


Shri Swaminarayan Temple Vadtaldham celebrated  every year during Ashad and Shravan month Hindola Utsav.waminarayan's  idol of the Lord is placed in a magnificently decorated Hindola and devotees will swing the Lord gently and sing special Hindola bhajans with pure love and devotion.

Hindola Utsav Date of Year 2017

Hindola Utsav Start Date :  16 July 2017
Hindola Utsav Ends Date : 15 August 2017
Arrange by : Vadtal Temple Managing Trasti Board by Mani Kothari Shri Ghanshyam Prakashdasji Swami
Venue :Shri Swaminarayan Temple Vadtal

Bhavya Hindola Utsav Hindola Darshan Video

Bhavya Hindola Utsav Hindola Darshan Images

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