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Modhera Dance Festival Date 

Modhera Dance Festival Date of Year 2017: 20 Jan 2017 To 22 Jan 2017
Modhera Dance Festival Date of Year 2018: 19 Jan 2018 To 21 Jan 2018

About Modhera Dance Festival

Venue: Sun Temple in Modhera
Duration: 3 Days
How to Reach By Air: The Nearest airport is Ahmadabad Airport.
How to Reach by Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Mehasana Railway station.
How to Reach by Road:  Modhera is 102 kms away from northwest of Ahmedabad and well connected by smooth roadways.

Modhera Dance Festival is celebrated on third week of January, after the conclusion of Uttrayan festival. Modhera Dance Festival is performed at Sun Temple of Modhera.This temple was built on the banks of Pushpavati River during the reign of King Bhimdev I of Patan, a magnum opus of the Solanki Empire.Every year Mid January month here Modhera Dance festival organize at Sun Temple Modhera Gujarat India.This festival is held in the temple of the Sun God, the walls of which are beautifully inscribed with the scriptures and sculptures. The festival is held right in front of the temple and therefore the gorgeous temple provides an exquisite set for the festival.

Modhera Dance Festival brings together brilliant dancers and musicals to perform an amazing musical, intermingled with their origin. Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak are amongst the various dance forms that are shown at the festival. Grand space of the peerless Modhera Sun Temple serves as a grand backdrop of the vibrant expression of dancers. To revive year's old traditions and respect to the rich cultural legacy of the past, Modhera Dance Festival is revered with fanfare.

Attractions of Modhera Dance Festival

The prime attraction of Modhera dance festival is Garba, the traditional dance form of Gujarat. Apart from this, spectators can also cherish various other Indian dance forms namely Kathakali, Kuchipuri, Bharatnatyam and Manipuri, and some folk dances which are performed by art and dance connoisseurs belonging to various corners of the countries.

Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple is located at Modhera near Mehesana.The temple was built in 11th century time period built by King Bhimdev I.The temple is dedicated to Sun God.It is a magnificent specimen of superb artistry of Gujarat’s architects of the bygone days. Modhera’s sun temple is positioned in such a manner that at the equinoxes the rising sun strikes the images in the sanctuary.The outer walls of the temple are covered with sculptures in which the figures of Surya, the sun god are prominent. The Sun Temple also incorporates an amusement park, a museum, a cafeteria, picture gallery and library.

The canvas on the walls and pillars depict the incidents from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and forms of gods and goddesses and the way of life of the people of that time. An interesting iconography is one with three heads, three arms and three legs. Later, the temple was ruined by Mahmud of Gazni.Adjoining the Sun Temple is the huge ‘Sun Kund’ (Rama Kund) surrounded by step-terraces with numerous smaller temples numbering about 108.for more Information Modhera Sun Temple Click Here

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