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Rama Ekadashi Vrat Date Year2016 to 2021


Rama Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2016: October 26 Wednesday
Rama Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2017: October 15 Sunday
Rama Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2018:  November 3 Saturday
Rama Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2019: October 23 Wednesday
Rama Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2020:  November 11 Wednesday
Rama Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2021: October 31 Sunday

About Rama Ekadashi Vrat 

Rama Ekadashi Vrat is observe according to Gujarati Hindu calendar during the waning phase (Krishna Paksha) of the moon in Kartik month and According to English Gregorian calendar month of October-November.The Vaishnava Rama Ekadashi vrat is observed with great dedication and fervour in different parts of the country. It falls four days before ‘Diwali’, the grand Hindu festival of lights. Rama Ekadashi is also called as ‘Rambha Ekadashi’ or even ‘Kartik Krishna Ekadashi’. In the Hindu mythology, ‘Rama’ is another name for Goddess Lakshmi and hence on this day along with worshipping Lord Vishnu, devotees also offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that by worshipping the lord and following the puja rituals the person is bestowed with all the worldly pleasures and ultimately seeks ‘moksha’ or salvation.

Rama Ekadasi Vrat Katha


How To Observe Rama Ekadashi Vrat

The story of Rama Ekadashi revolves around Prince Shobhana and his princess Chandrabhaga. Muchukunda was a famous and very powerful king apart from being a loyal follower of Lord Vishnu. Thus, his kingdom was popular all throughout the world. The king's daughter, Chandrabhaga was married off to Prince Shobhana. Prince Shobhana was very weak and hence, was not able to observe the Ekadashi vrats. But, the king strictly supported the Ekadashi fasting. In order to make for this situation, Princess Chandrabhaga asked the prince to return back to his kingdom. Nonetheless, the prince insisted on observing the fast. The Ekadashi period started and everyone started observing the fast. People even kept vigil. But, prince Shobhana got very weak and could not stand hunger and thirst anymore. As a result, he died during the course of the night. However, due to his determination and influence of observing the vrat, Prince Shobhana was enthroned the king of Devapura, the kingdom of celestial beings. The city of Devapura found place at the top of Mandara Mountain. Conversely, the kingdom was only temporary as the prince had observed the fast only once during his lifetime. One fine day, a holy saint from the land of King Muchukunda visited the prince. He was glad to receive him as he could enquire about his wife through him. He told him that he wanted his wifes hellp to make his temporary kingdom permanent as she had been observing the Ekadashi vrat since childhood. The saint the visited the princess and retold his conversation with the prince. Princess Chandrabhaga got excited and with the help of Sage Vamadeva, she went to the temporary celestial kingdom of her husband. Thus, due to the power of observing Rama Ekadashi, the couple was reunited and the kingdom became a permanent one. All devotees observing Rama Ekadashi should avoid consuming food items made from grains and rice. However, the other rules are the same as those associated with Ekadashi vrat.

Rama Ekadashi Pictures

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