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Rama Ekadashi Date Year  2026 to 2021

Rama Ekadashi is observed during the Krishna Paksha of the moon in Gujarati Kartik month of the Hindu Lunar Calendar. Here is Rama Ekadashi Date of year 2016 to 2021.

Rama Ekadashi Date of Year 2016: October 26 Wednesday
Rama Ekadashi Date of Year 2017: October 15 Sunday
Rama Ekadashi Date of Year 2018:  November 3 Saturday
Rama Ekadashi Date of Year 2019: October 23 Wednesday
Rama Ekadashi Date of Year 2020:  November 11 Wednesday
Rama Ekadashi Date of Year 2021: October 31 Sunday

About Rama Ekadashi

According to English Gregorian Calendar Rama Ekadashi falls on October-Nvember month.Rama Ekadashi is dedicated to one of the incarnations of Vishnu, Lord Rama.Rama Ekadashi falls four days before the celebrations of Diwali festival. Rama Ekadashi  is also referred as ‘Rambha Ekadashi’ or ‘Kartik Krishna Ekadashi’. It is a popular conviction that Hindu devotees can wash away their sins by keeping a sacred fast on this day.

Rama Ekadashi Significance

According to the scriptures, there was a king named Muchukunda. He ruled a prosperous kingdom and counted Lord Indra, Lord Varuna and Lord Kuber among his friends. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and was blessed with a baby girl who was named Chandrabhaga. She was later married to Prince Shobhana who was son of King Chandrasen.

Chandrabhaga used to observe a fast on Ekadashi so she followed the tradition at her parent-in- laws house too. She asked her husband to keep the Ekadashi fast along with her. Shobhana used to feel physically weak so he refused to keep the fast, which made Chandrabhaga upset. He realized her dismay so he kept the fast, but soon started suffering from hunger and thirst. The prince could not survive the fast so he died before the morning.

By the virtue of Rama Ekadashi, Shobhana received a great but invisible kingdom. Once, a Brahmana of his wife’s kingdom went out to travel, when he came across the kingdom on his way. Shobhana told him, that by the grace of Rama Ekadashi, he received the kingdom. He asked the Brahmana to tell his wife abut his kingdom. Brahmana returned and informed Chandrabhaga about the whole event. Chandrabhaga who observed the Ekadashi fast since her childhood, converted his kingdom into reality by the virtue of her karma. The couple then lived happily ever after.

Rama Ekadashi Whatsapp Status-Facebook Sms

May Lord Rama Prahu
Bless you abundantly
And fill your life with
The virtue of truth
Non violence and
External compassion
Happy Rama Ekadashi..

May Lord Rama
Bless you abundantly
And fill your life with
The virtue of truth and faith
Non violence &
External passion.
All of Happy Rama Ekadashi..

Rama Ekadashi Event Has Started,
We know that you guy’s are,
For sure going to enjoy this lovely event,
Here in India people are very much sure and secured,
So, today I am here going to share,
Happy Rama Ekadashi...

Life is very short,
We know that you all have,
So much work to do,
So we are here going to share
Happy Rama Ekadashi.

Rama Ekadashi Greetings

Rama Ekadashi Pictures

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