Bhai Dooj(Bhaiya Dooj) Date 2016 to 2021-About Bhai Dooj-Bhai Dooj Regional Celebrations

Bhai Dooj(Bhaiya Dooj) Date 2016 to 2021

Bhai Dooj Date Year 2016 : November1 Tuesday
Bhai Dooj Date Year 2017 : October 21 Satuday
Bhai Dooj Date Year 2018 : November 9 Friday
Bhai Dooj Date Year 2019 : October 29 Tuesday
Bhai Dooj Date Year 2020 : November16 Monday
Bhai Dooj Date Year 2021:  November 6 Saturday

About Bhai Dooj


After Diwali, comes Dooj- a festival meant for brothers and sister.The name Bhai Dooj literally means as the festival dedicated to brothers, and falling on the second day after the new moon.The bond of love between brothers and sisters is glorified with the celebration of Bhai Dooj.Bhai Dooj  is generally based on the relationship of the brother and sister, a great festival in Hinduism. It is believed that every brother who gets a meal and a Tilak or Tika on this day from his sister will never go to hell.

Accordng  to religious scriptures, Yamaraj, the God of death, went to visit his  sister's house after a long period of separation. His sister, Yami was  very happy to see him and welcomed him by putting an auspicious mark on  his forehead for his welfare. Yami and Yamraj then shared a meal. He was  so pleased with his sister's reception, he proclaimed that every year,  on the dooj day, if a sister puts a tilak on her brother's forehead,  then no one can harm her brother. Till date, this tradition is followed.  Sisters perform puja for their brothers safety and well being. Brothers  in return give gifts to their sisters as a token of love.

Bhai Dooj Regional Celebrations


The Festival is celebrated with different names in different religions of the country.It is called Bhaiya Dooj in the Hindi speaking belt, Bhai Phot in West Bengal, Bhav Bij in Mrathi, Yama dwiteya in Orissa and Bhai Tika in Nepal.

Bhai Dooj Known as Bhai Phot in West Bengal:In West Bengal, Bhai Duj festival is popularly known as Bhai Phota or Bhai Fota. Sisters' fast all morning till the ritual is completed. In Bhai Phota, the tilak applied on brother's forehead is made of ghee, sandalwood (chandan) paste and kaajal. The elder of the brother and sister gives the younger ones rice and durba, a type of grass. Rice is a symbol of plenty and the evergreen durba is symbolic of longevity. Kheer and coconut laddoos are a must-eat in Bhai Phota.

Bhai Dooj in Maharashtra and Goa :In Maharashtra and Goa, the brother is made to sit in a special square shaped space on the floor drawn by the sister. Before sitting the brother is made to eat a bitter fruit called Karith. This custom is associated with the story that Lord Krishna tasted this fruit before he went on his mission to kill demon Narakasura. The highlight of this celebration is the delicious Basundi Puri or Shrikhand Puri.

Bhai Dooj Celebration in Bihar: The celebration of this festival in Bihar is quite different where the sisters heap choicest of curses on their brothers and then they prick their own tongue as a punishment and ask for their brothers' forgiveness. Brothers' bless their sisters and pray for their well being.

Bhai Dooj Known as Bhai Tika or Bhai Teeka in Nepal :Bhai Tika or Bhai Teeka is the popular name for Bhai Duj ceremony in Nepal. Some also know this festival as Bhai Tihar. This is because Tihar is the name for Diwali in Nepal and Bhai Tika falls on the fifth day of Diwali Festival. In Bhai Tika a special 'Paanch Rangi Tika’ consisting of five colors (red, green, blue, yellow and white) is applied on brother's forehead. Here sister also draw mandaps in the name of the God using Doob grass and then carry out the Tika ceremony. The custom symbolizes that no one can even Lord Yama can cross the boundary guarded by a loving sister.

Bhai Dooj known as Bhaiya Dooj in Uttar Pradesh: In Uttar Pradesh, sisters are gifted with an 'Aab' (a length of flax, knotted into a circular shape and dotted with sugar Batashas (circular sweet drop), post which, they put Tilak on their brother's forehead. This ritual of Aab is extremely popular in Uttar Pradesh and is observed in almost every household on Bhaiya Dooj.

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