Bhai Dooj History-Significance of Bhai Dooj-Different Name of Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj History

According to the Hindu Mythology, it is considered that the God of death, Yamraj, had visited his lovable sister named Yami (Yamuna) at this special day. His sister welcomed him by aarti and tilak ceremony. She offered him a garland and special dishes including sweets to eat. He had returned her sister a unique gift as a symbol of his love and care towards her sister. At that day Yamraj had declared that the brother who would receive tilak and aarti by their sister, he would never be frightened. That’s why the same day is called as the Yama Dwitiya.

According to another story, Hindu Lord Krishna had returned to his sister, Subhadra, after killing the demon king Narakasur where he was welcomed by his sister with tilak, aarti, sweets and flowers.

Significance of Bhai Dooj

The essence of the Bhai dooj festival is that it is celebrated to strengthen the love between brothers and sisters. It is a day of food-sharing, gift-giving and reaching out to the innermost depths of the heart. Brothers and sisters indulge themselves on this day by giving each other gifts.

Traditionally, Bhai duj is applicable for brothers of married women. Apart from strengthening the bond, it gave the chance for the brother to visit and check on the conditions of his sister at her husband's place. 

Different Name of Bhai Dooj

Bhayya Duj - Hindi
Bhagini Hasta Bhojana - Sanskrit
Yama Dwitiya
Sodara Bidige -Karnataka
Bhai Phota -Bengal
Bhai-Tika -Nepal
Bhav-Bij - Maharashtra

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