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Shravan Month is one holy month of Gujarati calendar.The month of Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu calender beginning from Chaitra, and is the most auspicious month of the Chaturmas and according to English calander shravan month is begin mostly August amd September.Shravan month is also known as Lord Shiva's month,Sawan,Shravan.Here is information about Shravan month Date year 2016 to 2021.

Shravan Month Date 2016 to 2021

Shravan Month  Date Year 2016: 3 August to 1 September
Shravan Month  Date Year 2017: 24 July  to 21 August 
Shravan Month  Date Year 2018: 12 August to 9 Saptember
Shravan Month  Date Year 2019: 2 August to 30 August
Shravan Month  Date Year 2020: 21 July to 19 August
Shravan Month  Date Year 2021: 9 August to 7 Saptember

About Shravan Month

Shravan is the fifth month of Hindu calendar begining from Chaitra. This month is considered highly auspicious for praying to Lord Shiva. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva during Sawan is considered more powerful than worshiping during normal days. Many Hindus observe fasts and perform Pujas during the month, especially on Monday.

The fasts done on Monday are known as Shravan Somwar Vrat. It is believed that by observing Sravan Somvar Vrat all desires gets fulfilled. It is believed that if unmarried women keep fast on Mondays of the month they would get a good husband. Apart from Monday’s women keep fasts on Tuesdays and Fridays of the month too.
 On Tuesdays newly married brides keep the Mangala Gauri Vrata to get rid of bad omens and married women keep Varalaksmi Vrata on Friday (Shravan Shukravar Vrata). Each day in the month of Shravan has a special significance and other deities are worshiped too. Mondays are dedicated to Shiva, Tuesdays to Gauri, Wednesdays to Vithala, Thursdays to Mercury and Jupiter, Fridays to Lakshmi and Tulsi, Saturdays to Shani and Sundays to Sun. Many do Pujas of Lord Vishnu on Saturday. 

Those who have complications in their birth chart due to the planet Saturn observe fast on this day of Sampat Shanivar .Praying to Goddess Lakshmi is also considered auspicious in this month. Some other auspicious occasions in the month of Shravan are Hariyali Amavasi, Hariyali Teej, Nag Panchami, Tulsi Das Jayanti,Putradaikadashi, Shravani Purnima, Rishi Panchami, and Krishna Janmashtami Raksha Bandan.

The legend says that when the churning of oceans - Samudra Manthan - took place in the month of Shravan, fourteen different types of rubies came out. Thirteen of these were distributed amongst the demons, except Halahal (poison). Lord Shiva drank the Halahal and stored it in his throat. Hence the name Neelkantha (meaning blue throat) is attributed to Shiva.

To reduce the strong effect of poison, Lord Shiva wore the crescent moon on his head. All the Gods, thereafter started offering the Ganges water to Lord Shiva to make lessen the effect of poison.

Since, this happened in the month of Shravana, since then the Shiva devotees offer the Ganges water in this month.  It is considered highly auspicious to wear a rudraksha in Shravan month. As, Mondays or Somvars of Shravan month are specially observed with austerity. All Mondays are devoted to the worship of Shiva as this day is sacred to Lord Shiva. No other Mondays of other months are so greatly honoured.The belief is that in Shravan month, offering milk to Lord Shiva earns a lot of punya.

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