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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the month of fasting for Muslims. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam; the others are confession of faith, five daily prayers, Zakah and Hajj.It is a time when Muslims around the world focus on prayer, fasting, giving to charity, and religious devotion. Here is Ramadan Month Date year 2016 to 2025.

Ramadan Month Date2016 to 2025

Ramadan Month Date Year 2016 : 7 June to 6 July
Ramadan Month Date Year 2017 : 27 May to 25 June
Ramadan Month Date Year 2018 : 16 May to 14 June
Ramadan Month Date Year 2019 : 6 May to 4 June
Ramadan Month Date Year 2020 : 24 April to 23 May
Ramadan Month Date Year 2021 : 13 April to 12 May
Ramadan Month Date Year 2022 : 3 April to 2 May
Ramadan Month Date Year 2023: 23 March to 21 April
Ramadan Month Date Year 2024 : 11 March to 9 April
Ramadan Month Date Year 2025: 1 March to 30 March

About Ramadan Month

Ramadan means the 'festival of breaking the fast'. Fitr is derived from the word 'fatar' meaning 'breaking'. Another connotation suggests that it is derived from 'fitrah' or 'alms'. Certain Sunni Muslims believe that Fitr comes from 'Fitrat' meaning 'nature' and Id-ul-Fitr is the celebration of god's magnanimity in providing nature to man.

In the morning everyone bathes, wears new or clean clothes, applies perfume, and eats dates or some other sweet before walking to the mosque for Id prayers. Men wear white clothes because white symbolises purity and austerity.

They believe that those who do not give alms on this day will not go to heaven after death. After offering alms, they go to the house of the 'Qazi' or the Chief Priest to request him to conduct the prayers. Then they all go together in procession to the chosen spot, and offer their prayers. After the congregational prayer, the Qazi speaks on religion, and finally prays to God to forgive them their sins and bless them all with health, wealth and prosperity.

 Special prayers are offered on the Id day and Muslims in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad celebrate 'Ramzan' in the traditional manner by offering prayers in the mosques, and with the sacrifice of goats. It is an occasion of feasting and rejoicing. The faithful gather in mosques to pray, friends and relatives meet to exchange greetings. Prayers, family get-togethers and feasts are the major highlights of the celebrations. The family elders, conveying their blessings give 'Idi' or presents of money to the youngsters.

Muslims say their holy book came down from heaven to the earth one night during the last ten days of this month. When it came, the whole of creation praised Allah or God. It is also believed that Prophet Muhammad announced a day for celebrations to reaffirm the feeling of brotherhood.

Ramadan Month Whatsapp Sms-Facebook Sms-Sms

The holy month of Ramadan,
For all Muslims has begun.
Praising Allah through the day,
From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.
We pay zakah  for those in need,
Trying hard to do good deeds
Happy Ramadan .....

Welcome Ramadan
Walk humbly Talk politely
Dress neatly Treat kindly
Pray attentively and
Donate generously
May Allah bless & protect you,
Happy Ramadan..

Whoever stood for the prayers ,
in the night of oadr out of sincere
faith and hoping for a reward from Allah,
then all his previous sins will be forgiven,
Happy Ramadan...

Memories of moments celebrated together,
Moments that have been attached in my heart, forever,
Make me Miss u even more this Ramadan...
Hope this Ramadan brings in Good Fortune and,
Abounding Happiness,
All of you a Happy Ramadan......

I hope success and wealth penetrates in to you this Month.
To bring you good fortune and prosperity,
Happy Ramadan month.....

 Ramadan Month Greetings



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