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Jamat-Ul-Vida is Muslim religion festival celebrated all over world.Here is an Information about Date of  Jamat-Ul-Vida Festival Date ,Celebration and many more.

Date of Jamat-Ul-Vida

Jamat-Ul-Vida festival celebrated on 1st July friday during Ramadan month every friday every year.

About Jamat-Ul-Vida


Jamat-Ul-Vida known as Jummat-al-Wida .As per Islamic history and religion, it is the last ‘Jumma’ prayer of the month. In other words, it marks the last Friday of Ramzan.At this day Muslim people perform special prayer by reciting their Holy Quran for whole day.The literal meaning of the expression Jummat-al-Wida derived from the word ‘Jamat Ul Vida’ is Good Wishes of the Holy Quran. This day is unique in assuring the blessings of Allah in abundance.

More than many Muslim individuals get together to go to their uncommon Jamat-ul-Vida celebration, which is the last supplication to God of the Ramzan month. It is commended in the adjacent mosques of the city by performing supplication to God for the peace, achievement and congruity on the planet. 

Prophet Mohammad had the day of Friday as a special day for worshipping and reciting the Quran in return for protection for the week of Allah. Muslim people believe this day is when God enters the Mosque and listens to the Friday prayers.

Jamat-Ul-Vida Celebration

Jamat-ul-Vida is the most special and religious festival for the Muslim people who faithfully walk at this day towards their Central Mosque to offer prayer and honor to their Almighty Allah. They celebrate this festival by being present in the mosque from the early morning and feel that they are showered by lots of blessings, mercy and forgiveness by the Angels.

Muslims people believe that their prayer at this day would surely be accepted by the God without any doubt. Tents are organized all around the mosques for the relief of the big crowd. Nearby mosques are flooded with the religious devotees looking for the divine blessings.

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