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Goa Memorable Day Date 


Goa Memorable Day is Celebrated every year 18th June all of Goa.

 About Goa Memorable Day

Every year 18 June is Celebrated Memorable day in the history of Goa liberation and the importance of the day is visible in every aspect of Goa wherein the date is stamped on an important street, hotels, restaurants, boats and even football teams. 18 Jun Street is the main shopping arena for the Goans.

The 18th June in Panjim is a busy street right at the center of Panjim offering numerous shopping options to the visitors. Numerous shops, stalls as well as modern showrooms artifacts, handicraft goods, textile items, liquors, electronics goods apart from regular daily needs are available aplenty at the street.

Goa Memorable Day Celebration

Goa finally attained its independence from Portuguese rule on June 18th, 1946. This day was engraved in the pages of history as the ‘Memorable Day of Goa’.On this day in 1946 a peaceful mass movement was started by the people to end the Portuguese regime and to achieve freedom. Goa Memorable Day is grand celebration in all over Goa.This day in Goa Houses,Hotels,Restaurants,Shopes, Shopping Malls are Decorated colourful lights and many things.large number of people cloud in Shopping Malls ,hotels and Bars.People make every moments enjoyable.

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