Gangaur Festival Celebration Rajasthan India

Gangaur is a religious festival that reflects the excellent cultural heritage of Rajasthan.  The festival begins from the first day of Chaitra or from the next day of Holi and continues for 18 days. The festival begins with the custom of gathering ashes from the Holi Fire and burying the seeds of barley in it. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in Bikaner, Jodhpur, Marathwara and Jaisalmer. It is also observed in some place of Gujarat. In Bengal, more particularly at Nabadwip and Santipur, and in Orissa, a similar ritual, called Doljatra, is observed by followers of the Vishnu cult.The festival is celebrated  throughout Rajasthan with great enthusiasm, but the celebrations in Jaipur and Udaipur have a special charm all their own.Girls worship the Goddess throughout the fortnight.Colourful images of Gauri, beautifully dressed and bejewelled, are taken out in a procession, accompanied by many people.
There wouldn't be a better time to travel to Rajasthan than during the festival time.This is also an auspicious time for finalising the marriages.Colourful procession with the band of the jubiliant people, horses, and elaborate palanquins make it a fascinating spectacle.Celebrated all over Rajasthan , the Gangaure festival offers a colourful insight into the culture of Rajasthan.So, embark on a Rajasthan tour during this celebration to experience a world of colours and festivities.

Boat Procession in Udaipur


During Gangaur Festival a boat procession is taken out on the Pichola Lake in Udaipur.Womwn balancing serveral brass pitchers on their heads add to the gaity of the Udaipur celebrations.The images of Isar and Gauri are taken around the lake for an hour.The ceremony comes to an end with a display of fireworks on the banks of Pichola Lake.Thousands of people from the countryside come to take part in the procession which goes from village to village.Tribal men and women get the opportunity to meet and interact freely and during this time, they select partners and elope to marry.An unusal, romantic custom sanctioned by the community, it helps many young people find their life partner.

Gangur Festival Celebration in Jaipur

The Gangaur festival of Jaipur is worldwide famous for its joyous and cheerful happenings. A particular kind of sweet dish called ‘ghewar’ is made which is a feature of the Gangaur festival. People like ghewar very much and also distribute it among their friends and relatives. A sawari or parade of Gangaur starting from the Palace gate known as Tripolia moves through the city streets passes through Chaugan. plenty of visitors and villagers view the procession and like its beauty.

Gangur Festival Celebration in Jodhpur 


In Jodhpur, on the crack of dawn, thousands of women dress up in colorful outfits, sing songs ecstatically and carry the pots filled with grass and water in their heads.A fair of 'lotias' which is a typical feature of the Gangaur celebrations go together with other celebrations in Jodhpur. Early in the morning, thousands of maidens, covered in dressed in beautiful costumes, singing melodious songs, bring water and 'durva' grass in silver or brass pots to a place known as Girdikot.

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