Gangaur Fair Festival Rajasthan

Gangaur Festival is held  observed about a fortnight after Holi and the celebrations go on for eighteen days.Gangaur Fair Festival is celebrated  every year during the Hindu month of Chaitra (March - April) in all over Rajasthan.Gangaur Festival marks the end of winter and the coming of spring.The festival is held in honour of Gauri known as Goddess Parvati , the wife of Lord Shiva.During this festival  arrange a fairs to different parts of  Rajasthan.Here is Some Information about Gangaur Fair in Rajasthan.

Time of Celebration : The festival is annually celebrated in March-April.
Place of Celebration : Rajasthan, some parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.
Duration of Celebration : The festival lasts for 18 days.
Significance: Religious Festival 

More Information about  Gangaur Fair Festival

The Fairs is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal all over Rajasthan. The celebrations at Bikaner, Jodhpur, Nathdwara and Jaisalmer are full of pomp and are a must-see.The fair of lotias is a distinctive feature of the Gangaur celebrations in Jodhpur.Earli in the morning , thousands  of maidens, clad in their best attire, singing melodious songs bring water and durba(grass) in silver or brass pots to a place known as Girdikot.People living in and around Jodhpur come to the fair to be a part of the revelry.On the final day, she faces in the same direction as Isar and the procession ends with the delivery of all the images in the waters of a tank or a well. The women bid farewell to Gauri and turn their steps towards home with tears in their eyes and the Festival comes to an end. 

This festival fair is  a major celebration in Jaipur.During the fair  festival, the ladies decorate their palms and fingers with henna (Mehndi). The decorations comprise motifs of flowers, 'swastika', 'chaupar', Sun, Moon, Stars or some Geometrical Designs. One attribute specific to this festival is that on this day tribal men and women have an opportunity of meeting and confabulating liberally. They can even select their partners by eloping. People purchase colourful idols of Gauri and Isar and put them up in their homes to worship at the commencement of the fair  festival.The city is beautifully decorated and attains a festive look. The procession carrying the images of Shiva and Parvati passes through the streets of Jaipur and people come out of their homes to watch the enticing procession. Jaipur becomes an attractive destination presenting a wonderful look during the festive season.Jaipur's famous  Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, City Palace and Jantar Mantar are decorated with colourful lighting.Many Rajasthani People, and foreign tourists visit this fair they take manu photographs to memory of Rajasthan Culcture.

How To Reach Jaipur

By Road : There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Jaipur.Rajasthan roadways have regular bus services from New Delhi, running deluxe and air conditioned coaches from Bikaner house, Delhi. Jaipur is also well connected with the other cities of Rajasthan. One can also hire private taxis.

By Rail : Jaipur Railway station is well connected many major cities and Railway station. Shatabdhi and Intercity connects Jaipur to Delhi. Shatabdhi is fully air conditioned train from Delhi to Jaipur, you can also try the Intercity express which starts from Delhi and reaches Jaipur. There are other trains also to Jaipur from other metro cities.

By Air: Jaipur has its own Airport.Indian airlines, Jet airways and Sahara airlines have regular service to Jaipur. All the major cities are connected to Jaipur. 

Picture Gallery of   Gangaur Fair

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