Akshaya Tritiya Pooja -Akshaya Tritiya Pooja Time(Muhurt)

Akshaya Tritiya Pooja

Akshaya Tritiya or Akha Teej is a very auspicious and holy day. This is day when every minute of the day is auspicious and there is no need for mahurats for any form of work. Akshaya Tritiya usually falls on Shukla Paksha Tritiya of Vaishakha month. This day is considered to be free of all malefic effects.people conduct special Pujas (worship rituals), bathe in holy rivers, make a charity or donation, offer eatables to the burning fire, and worship various Hindu deities. Praying to Lord Ganesha before starting any new venture on this day is believed to remove any incoming obstacles or hurdles. Devotees also pray to Lord Shiva for health, marriage, and saubhagya (good luck); Lord Krishna for moksha (salvation); and Devi Laxmi for wealth.The main Puja and prayers on this day are all dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. In most houses simple Vishnu Puja is done in the morning with Tulsi leaves and flowers. Elaborate Lakshmi Pujan or Lakshmi Kubera Havan is also performed at many places. People also visit shrines of Goddess Lakshmi, Vishnu and Lord Krishna.Some people doing Gaja Pooja,Ashwa Pooja, and Cow Pooja.Here is Detail about this pooja.

Gaja Pooja: Jupiter is the ruling planet of this magnificent animal. The elephant is a symbol of respect, honor, magnanimity and power. First the elephant is bathed, then dressed and decorated, offered light, incense, flowers and food while Vedic priests voice the appropriate mantras and chants. This invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed God who removes all obstacles.
Ashwa Pooja: The horse is first bathed, decorated and dressed and then only the Pooja is offered. Horse gram is then offered to the ashwa. The horse is a symbol for the planet Mars that represents energy and command.
Cow Pooja: The cow and her calf are first bathed, dressed and decorated and then only the pooja is offered. The cow is the symbol of love and ever giving and is the symbolic of the Planet Venus.

Akshaya Tritiya Pooja Time(Muhurt)


Akshay Tritya on Monday 9 May 2016

Akshaya Tritya Pooha Muhurt: 5:29 to 12:05
Duration : 6 hours 36 Mins

Tritya Tithi Begins: 17:51 0n 8 May 2016
Tritya Tithi ends:  14:52 on 9 May 2016

Akshay Tritya on Friday 28 April , 2017

Akshaya Tritya Pooha Muhurt: 10:29 to 12:06
Duration : 1 hours 37 Mins

Tritya Tithi Begins: 10:29 0n 28 April 2017
Tritya Tithi ends:  6:55 on 29 April 2017

Akshay Tritya on Wednesday 18 April, 2018

Akshaya Tritya Pooja Muhurt: 5:46 to 12:08
Duration : 6 hours 21 Mins

Tritya Tithi Begins: 03:45 0n 18 April 2018
Tritya Tithi Ends:  01:29 on 19 April 2108

Akshay Tritya on Tuesday 7th May , 2019

Akshaya Tritya Pooja Muhurt: 5:30 to 12:05
Duration : 6 hours 34 Mins

Tritya Tithi Begins: 03:17 0n 7 May 2019
Tritya Tithi ends:  02:17 on 8 May 2019

Akshay Tritya on Sunday 26 April, 2020

Akshaya Tritya Pooja Muhurt: 5:38 to 12:06
Duration : 6 hours 27 Mins

Tritya Tithi Begins: 11:51 0n 25 April 2020
Tritya Tithi ends:  13:22 on 26 April 2020

Akshay Tritya on 15 May 2021

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat : 05:58 to 12:16
Duration :6 Hours 17 Mins

Tritiya Tithi Begins : 05:38 on 14 May 2021
Tritiya Tithi Ends :07:59 on 15 May 2021

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