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About Akshay Tritya


"Om Yaksha Rajya Vidhmaya Alakadeesaya Deemahe
Tanna Kubera Prchodayath "

Akshay Tritya is known as Akha Trij(Third Day of Gujarati month),Vaisakha Trij and Navanna Parvam.The day Baisakh Shukla Tritya, is in recognition of the belief that Satyug and Tretayuga commenced on this day.Akshay Tritra is a Sanskrit Word.'Akshay' word means never diminishing or inexhaustible and 'Tritya' means the third day.It is an auspicious day of the birthday of Lord Parasurama who is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On this day Veda Vyas and Lord Ganesha began to write Mahabharata.The day is marked with fast , worship, austerities, knowledge and charity.It is considered more auspicious, if this day happens to fall on a Monday or under Rohini planet.A dip in the Gangas on this day has a great importance.In charity, fan,rice,salt,ghee,suger,vegetables,tamarind, fruit, clothes etc.should be given.Lord Vishnu is invoked on this day, by enthroning his image or his picture, with the oblations of water soaked grams, gram pulse and crystallized sugar, and by sprinkling Tulsi water while performing Aarti.

On Yudhistra's asking Sri Krishna , elaborated on the importance of this day, " Akshay Tritya is utmost pious.It is called 'Yugaadi Trity' because Satyug commenced on this day.The invocation of Lord Vishnu is very fruitful on this day. Moreover, laying stress on the importance of the day, krishna narrated the story of poor righteous brahmin, who , in spite of his poverty and good actions.He observed this day every year and as a result, in his rebirth, he became the king of Kushavanti.

It is believed that whatever Jap, Tap, Daan etc done on this day would return infinte or Akshaya Punya. It is believed that if Gold is bought on this day would never end and will keep growing keeping the house with wealth and prosperity. Hence lot of people throng jeweler shops to purchase Gold.It is believed that Treta Yuga started on Akshaya Tritiya day. It is believed that any work started on this day would be successful.

Akshay Tritya Date

Akshay Tritya in year 2016- Monday 9th  May
Akshay Tritya in year 2017- Friday 28 April
Akshay Tritya in year 2018- Wednesday 18 April
Akshay Tritya in year 2019- Tuesday 7th May
Akshay Tritya in year 2020- Sunday 26 April
Akshay Tritya in year 2021- Friday 14 May

Akshaya Tritiya Significance

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most significant days, both, according to the Hindu calendar and mythology.
Calendar wise (traditional Hindu), it falls on the third day of the bright half of Vaishakha (late April - early May), when the sun and the moon are in exalted positions and at the peak of their brightness. Such a phenomenon happens only once a year and is astrologically considered the perfect time to start any meaningful endeavor. And per various mythological legends that are linked to the day, it proved to be nothing but fruitful to many: sacred river Ganga descended onto the earth from heaven, Lord Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Shiva being born, Pandavas getting unlimited supply of food from the Akshaya Patra, and Sudama getting blessed by Lord Krishna more than he could have asked for; all happened on this day.

Even according to the Sanskrit meaning of the word Akshaya: imperishable or never diminishing, the fruits that are borne on this day, keep on multiplying. It's precisely because of this reason and another, according to which the day is ruled by the Preserver God Vishnu, that any venture: be it a business or any personal quest for self improvement; gets fulfilled positively. Lord Vishnu sees the intention and preserves what has been started, in the long run. On this day, people buy and wear gold: an ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity, which is believed to invite the Goddess of wealth, Laxmi, into the households. It's even considered an auspicious time to make long term purchases in the form of gold or silver, real estate, diamonds and other precious stones, and shares and bonds.

Doing charity is one of the important aspects of Akshaya Tritiya and it's believed that specific items donated on this day like land, gold, umbrellas, hand fans, cool refreshing drinks and activities like feeding the poor, feeding the cow and calf, bring in blessings from the above. Blessing the money or the material, mentioned above or any other, to be given out on this day multiplies many times over. Another significant aspect of this is the worship of Goddess Laxmi with gold coins and other items kept in the Puja (ritualistic worship) makes the wealth accumulate all through the year. Also, bathing in the holy rivers, especially Ganga and Yamuna, charity in the form of giving out rice, wheat, ghee, salt, fruits, vegetables, tamarind, and clothes and remembering the departed ancestors is believed to do much good to the devotees. Irrespective of what section of the society does one belong to, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated in all the parts of the country.

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