Tarnetar Fair Festival-Trinetrashwar Mahadev Fair( Mela)-Celebration of Tarnetar Fair

The small hamlet of Tarnetar,about 75 kilometres from Rajkot is the site for one of Gujarat's most well known annual fairs.The Tarneter fair is organised in Tarnetar village at Trinetrashwar Mahadev temple some 39 kilometres from Chotila in Surendranagar District in Gujarat.Here is Some Information about Tarnetar fair.

Location: Tarnetar Village,Surendranagar District, Gujarat,India
Duration : 3 Days
Category : Festival
When : August and September(First Week of Bhadrapad)
Nearest Railway station : Surendranagar station
Nearest Airport : Local is Rajkot and International Ahmedabad

More Information about Tarnetar Fair

Tarnetar Fair is coming according to Gujarati month first week of Bhadrapad or  Bhadrapad Choth means Ganesh Chaturthi and according to english calander month of August -September.The Tarnetar fair is among one of largest gujarat's fair and festival.This fair is proud to be Gujarati people.On this place the wedding of the legendary "Mahabharat' hiro , Arjuna with Draupadi.This three day fair is held at the the temple of  Lord Shiva known as Trinetreshwar Mahadev meaning three eyed god..The Tarnetar Fair is initiated with the hoisting of a huge Flag on the dome of the Trinetreshwar Temple.The flag is hoisted every year only by the Mahant of Paliyad, a small village near Tarnetar. This tradition has been followed ever since Mahant Visaman Bapu who was born in Paliyad started the ‘Sadavrat’ at Paliyad and hoisted the first flag at the Tarnetar Temple. On Bhadarva Sud 4 (Ganesh Chaturthi) the flag is carried in a procession headed by the Mahant from the office of Tourism of Gujarat to the Trineteshwar Temple. It is then unfurled to symbolize the commencement of the colourful festival.During the festival traditional music, dance, costumes and arts of Gujarat form the major highlight. It is mainly for young men and women in search of their significant other, but this is in no way mean that a person least interested in romance wouldn’t be able to have fun here.In fact, with the growing time the festival is only gaining more and more popularity and is attracting visitors not only from India, but beyond. Every year more than 50,000 to 60,000 people attend the festival.Main attractions of this fair are 'Tarnetar Chatri'(Umbrella), a delightful threat for bthe art connoisseur and the umbrellas meticulouse embellished with mirror work, intricate embroidery and enchanting lacework are worth seeing, and Rhythmos of folk music,marriage mart, peoples attractive dress code.The most thrillingt sight of all is the rasada, a fascinating folk dance perfomed by hundreds of women.moving gracefully in a single circle.Dancing gaily to the accompaniment of four drums and jodian pava(double flutes) , their gorgeous traditional constumes and captivating dances makes the tarnetar fair a unique synthesis of folk art.

Tarnetar fair can be a most memorable experiance unparalleled in its mood and gaity.When its mouth-watering Gujarati delicacies and typicical kuba huts and tented village.It is a treat not to be missed.

History of the Tarnetar Fair

As mentioned above, the festival is associated with Draupadi’s swayamwar. To get the bride, Arjun pierced the eye of a rotating fish by just looking at its reflection on the water. The fair is believed to have started sometime 200 or 250 years ago. It is held near the Triniteshwar Mahadev (the Three-eye-god), which was rebuilt in the 19th century by 19th century. This temple is the focal point of the Tarnetar Fair. 

Celebration of  Tarnetar Fair

Tarnetar Fair (Mela ) in Gujarat is one of the most famous fair from various Fair Festival Organize in Gujarat India. This Tarnetar Mela Festival used to held at “ Saurashtra Region ” in Gujarat. The tradition of this religious festival is believed to have begun before 200-250 years.The fair is a celebrated in a lively and colorful way. Ethnic Gujarati folk-dances, music, glittering ornaments and costumes all combine to create an impressive and exciting atmosphere. Dancers flow in waves of circular movement, with the constant beating of drums. Music continues throughout the day and dancers keep changing from one group to another. Different kinds of folk dances are performed during the festival and many 'Religious music groups' (Bhajan Mandlis) sing songs accompanied by various folk instruments. During this fair numerous stalls are put up that that includes the selling of local and traditional beautiful handicrafts along with ethnic jewelry, traditional mirror work and statues of deities.In this fair celebration take part of  Bharvad ,Koli, Rabari, Khant, Kanbi, Kathi,Charan and many casts people. Then there are the poem recitation, bullock cart race, rass dance competition and horse cart race to add spice to the fair. Apart from these, there are also the eateries or food joints.
About Trinetrashwar Mahadev Temple

Trinetrashwar Mahadev Temple is located at Tarnetar village near chotila and Rajkot Saurashtra Gujarat India.The temple was built in around Mahabharta times.The old temple was ruined, but a new one was built in the 19th century and is situated on the bank of a rivulet and opens into a beautiful reservoir. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Trinetrashwar Mahadev meaning three eyed Mahadev.There is a holy ancient temple believed to be constructed during the mahabharat times by pandavas.There is also a kund (swimming pool) named “papnashi” cleanser of the sins pilgrims and other tourist before going to the darshan of the temple always take a bath dip in this kund. Its design is different, in the sense that this kund is “U’ shaped and it surrounds the temple from three sides.The temple is belived to be the site where Arjun won the hand of Draupadi in an archery contest.The popular belif associates the village with the Swayamvar(marriage) od Draupadi after Arjun performed the 'Mastsyavedh', an incredible feat of archery. The Main attraction of this temple is Three days Tarnetar Fair.During this time about 5 to 6 Lakes people visit this temple.

How To Reach Tarnetar Fair or Trinetrashwar Mahadev Fair Tarnetar 

By Road : There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Tarnetar Fair or Trinetrashwar Mahadev Fair Tarnetar.During this time of Fair Gujarat Government manage for special buses for Tarnetar fair from major cities of Gujarat.

By Rail :Nearest Railway station is Surendranagar.Trains from Mumbai and Delhi run regularly to Surendranagar.

By Air: The Nearest Local Airport is Rajkot and International Airport is Ahmedabad(200Kms).

Tarnetar Fair Pictures

Tarnetar Fair or Trinetrashwar Mahadev Fair Tarnetar

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