Sunday Vrat-Sunday Vrat Fast-Sunday Vrat Katha(Story)-Sunday Aarti

Sunday Vrat( Fast)

Fasting on Sunday is best to fulfill all desires.This fast is observed in the honour of Sun  God.On this day, observers get up early in the morning and perform their oblutions and wear new clothes and meditate.The fast is terminated in the late afternoon before sun-set.Observers should avoid oily, spicy or salty food and should hear or read related katha at the end of fasting.By observing this fast . one gets respect, prosperity and is able to overcome opponents.All the sufferings are removed.

Sunday Vrat Katha (Story)

Once upon a time,there was an old lady.On every Sunday she used to observe fast and worship with prescribed manner.By observing Sunday fast, she was blessed with all prosperity and there was no hindrance or sorrow at her home.The old lady used to bring cowdung from neighbor for smearing her house.One day her neighborhood lady observed that this old lady takes always  cowdung of my cow.She started tying her cow inside the house.Next Sunday , old lady could not bring cowdung, consequently , she failed to smear her house.So , she neither prepared food nor offered to God and nor taken herself.She observed fast without food and slept without having food.That night only, God came in her dream and asked the reason for not making and offering food, old lady narrated whole story to Almighty.On seeing old lady's condition, Almighty said,"I give you such a cow who will fulfil your all desires.I am happy with you."After giving boon, almighty disappeared.When old lady awaked up in the morning , she saw a beautiful cow and calf trying in her home.She became happy and tied them outside her home and given pasture for eating there only.When her neighborhood lady saw all this , she expressed unhappiness and when cow excreated golden during dung ,she replaced it with her cow's dung.It was going on for many days.Innocent old lady was unawared about all this.One day , Almighty thought, that cunning lady is cheating old lady.With his substance, there was thunder strom started.Fearing it, old lady tied her cow and calf inside the house.Next morning , old lady saw that the cow had excereted golden dung.She astonished at seeing this started tying inside daily.Neighbourhood lady , now not able to find any occasion to take golden dung.She could not tolerate the prosperity of old lady and went to the king.She told the king that there had been a cow in my neighbourhood who excreated golden dung,such cow should be in king's palace.What old lady will do with do with such a large quantity of gold, you need gold to look after your subject.The king ordered his men to bring cow from old lady's home.The old lady was about to have food after offering Almighty.The king's employees came and took away cow.The old lady cried and requested them, not to take away my cow but employees were to obey king's order.That day old lady did not have food and wept whole night.She requested Almighty to bring back her cow.The king flustered on seeing this.Almighty came in his dream and said if you want to remain happy, restore cow to old lady.I was pleased with her fasting of Sunday and gave cow to morning, the king called old lady to come and returned her cow with respect and wealth.He punished her neighborhood lady.The king ordered his subject to observe fast on Sunday.By keeping fast ,people of the state were living with prosperity and happiness.No deadly disease and natural disaster were occurred on that State.

Sunday Aarti 

Kahun Lagi Aarti Das Kahenge,
Sakal Jagat Jaaki Joti Viraaje.

Saat Samundra Jaake Charni Basey,
Kaha Bhayo Jal Kumbh Bhare. Ho Ram....

Koti Bhanu Jaake Nakh Ki Shobha,
Kaha Bhayo Mandir Deep Dhare. Ho Ram...

Bhaar Athaareh Romavali Jaake,
Kaha Bhayo Shir Pushp Dhare. Ho Ram..

Chappan Bhog Jake Pratidin Laage,
Kaha Bhayo Nevadya Dhare Ho Ram.

Amit Koti Jake Baaja Baaje,
Kaha Bhayo Jhankaar Kare. Ho Ram...

Chaar Ved Jake Mukh Ki Shobha,
Kaha Bhayo Brahmdev Padhe. Ho Ram..

Shiv Sankadik Aadhi Bramhadik,
Naarad Muni Jake Dhyan Dhare. Ho Ram..

Him Mandaar Jako Pawan Jhakore,
Kaha Bhayo Shir Chanvar Dhure Ho Ram..

Lakh Chorasi Fandh Chuddaaye,
Keval Hariyash Naamdev Gaaye.Ho Ram..

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