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Ram Navmi Festival is celebrated to Birthday of Lord Rama.Sri-Ramnavami is dedicated to the memory of Lord Rama. It occurs on the ninth day (navami). The festival commemorates the birth of Rama who is remembered for his preperous and righteous reign. On Ramnavami, devotees of Lord Ram also keep, a whole day fast and sing Ram bhajans throughout the day. They make this festival a vibrant and gusty affair. People on this day also present gifts to each other and exchange good wishes.During this festival People use the social sites and share one another Sms,Whats App Sms,Facebook Sms,Picture Sms,Greetings,Screps,Wishes.Here is Some Ram Navmi Festival Wishes,  Quote  and Ram Navmi Festival Pictures.So you can Download this Wishes,Pictures and Quotes to  share your Friends,Well wishers,girl friends,boy friends, and your relatives.

Ram Navmi Festival Wishes

  • May the blessings of Lord Ram fill your life with happiness, prosperity and success! May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve. Happy Ram Navami!
  • Ram Navami Wishes and Blessingsto u andyourfamily.May the almighty Lord Rama bless u all with
    good things & perfect health Happy Ram Navami.
  • Sri rama ramethi rami ramae mano ramae sahasranama tharthulyam ramanama varananae sriramanavami Subhakankshalu…
  • Here is a wish and a hope that your life may be brightened with the divine blessings of Lord Rama!
    Happy Ram Navami!
  • Ram ke naam me gyan hai, dhyan hai, satya hai, dharm hai, sach hai, sampoornta hai. Ram sansar ka sabse bada satya hai. Shree Ram ke charan kamal pe sar jhukayen aur jeevan me har khushi paye. Ramnavmi ki Badhai.
  • Jinke Man Me Shri Ram Hai Bhagya Me Uske Baikunth Dham Hai Unke Charno Me Jisne Jivan Vaar Diya Sansar Me Uska Kalyan Hai.
  • Aaj He Ram Navami Ka Divas, Aaj Ke Din Liya Prabhu Ne, Avatar, Jaise sant suhane somya He Ramji, Vaisa Hi Sukhmay Ho Aapka Jivan. Happy Ram Navami To All.
  • Rama For You Should Mean The Path He trod, The Ideal He Held Aloft, And The Ordinance
    He Lay Down. They Are Eternal And Timeless. Happy Ram Navami.
Ram Navmi Quotes
  • Without Practing The Discipline Laid Down By Rama To Purify The Mind, All Else is Mere Show, Empty Rituls.-Sri Satiya Sai Baba
  • Rama for you should mean the Path He trod, the ideal He held aloft, and the Ordinance He lay down. They are eternal and timeless.”
  • The Greatest Formula That Can Liberate, Cleanse And Elevate The Mind Is Rama-Name, The Name Of Rama. – Sri Sathya Sai Baba
  • Every One’s Voice Was Given Equal Weight In The Empire Ruled Over By Ram.
  • "Rama strained the weapon stoutly till it snapped and broke in twain, In the concourse of the monarchs, in the throng of armed men,..." -The Ramayana (translated by R C Dutt).
  • "It was the management skills of Lord Rama which helped him reach his wife Sita and free her from the ten-headed demon king Ravana,"-L.K. Advani.
  • "What, however, left a deep impression on me was the reading of the Ramayana before my father. During part of his illness my father was in Porbandar. There every evening he used to listen to the Ramayana."-Mahatma Gandhi.
  • “Here is the hoping that your Life be brighten with the blessing of Lord Ram. Wish you Happy Sri Ram Navami”. 
    Ram Navmi Pictures

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