Holi Festival Facebook Sms-Pictures

Holi festival is Great festival in india.Holi festival's Great celebration in india and different Ststes.Here is Some Information about Holi Festival Facebook Sms.Yoy can share your friends and relatives.This year holi festival is coming 24th March.

Lamha Lamha Zindagi Guzar
Jayegi.. Kuch Dino Bad
Holi Aayegi..abhi Se Badhai
Lelo .Warna Phir Ye Badhai
Aam Hojayegi. (Happy Holi)

May the spirit of Holi bring you joy …
The gladness of Holi give you
Hope The warmth of Holi grant
You Cheer…Happy Holi..

Meanwhile somewhere in China,
a gentleman by the name
'Ho Li' is still confused
why billions of Indians want him to be Happy.

May your life be transformed by all the beautiful
C: Charming
O: Organic
L: Loving
O: Outstanding
U: Utopian
R: Romantic
S: Scintillating colours
of life!
Happy Holi!

Celebrating The Colors
Of Our Beautiful Relationship,
I Wish You And Your Family
All The Bright Hues Of Life.
Have A Colourful Holi..

With My
1 Heart.
2 Eyes.
5 Liter Blood.
206 Bones.
4.5 Million Red Cells.
60 Trilling Dna. . .
Wishing To You A
Very Very Happy Holi.

A true caring relation doesn't
have to speak loud, a soft sms is just
enough to express the heartiest feelings.
Enjoy the festival od Holi
With lot of Fun.

Let's make bonfire if our negativty
and bring a colour of positivty
in to our life.Wishing you health,
wealth & sheer happiness
on this Holi.Happy Holi!

Face In This Colourful Festival,
But I’m Praying God To Add
More And More Colour In Ur
Beautiful Life..

Blue is song, Yellow is music,
Green is dance, Red is beauty,
White is love & Pink is for joy.
I wish you all these on Holi.

Celebrating the colors
of our beautiful relationship,
I wish you and your family
all the bright hues of life.
Have a colourful holi !

Holi Festival Facebook Pictuire Sms 

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