Today Our Home Celebration Shitala Satam-Goddess Shitala Pooja-Shitala Satam Special Recipe

Today Shravan Vad Satam( 7th Day of Dark fortnight) our home celebration Shitala satam festival.We are gets up early morning.We are bath with cold water.Mostly married women observed this vrat.Today we not fire any gas stove or wooden stove.our family members meet pooja room where put goddess shitala ma pooja house.We prepare pooja dish.We doing shitala ma pooja with Ghee Divo, Milk,Chundari and kumkum.We also give a shrifal prasad.After pooja we heard a story of Goddess Shitala.Hole day we eat cold food making previous da randhan chath like Dhebra,Puri,Bhajiya ,Handvo and many more.

Here is some photographs of Celebrating Shitala satam.

Shitala Ma vrat Pooja Thali

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