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About Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat | How to Observe Ekadashi Vrat

Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat is observed on Phalguna Shukla Paksha Ekadashi .(Day of eleven).Dedicated to Amlaki or Gooseberry Tree, observance of this Ekadashi vrat is believed to bring in great prosperity and benefits. In Orissa, this Ekadashi vrat is known as Sarbasammat Ekadasi and is held in Lord Vishnu and Lord Jagannath temples.Anyone who observes this holy Amalaki Ekadashi will undoubtedly attain the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu, so great is the religious merit earned from the observance of this most sacred fast day.

On the day of Vaishnava Amalaki Ekadashi observing complete fast is very beneficial and is done in remembrance of Sri Krishna. The vrat stars with sunrise on ekadashi and continues till the dawn if the 12th day. The fast of Vaishnava Amalaki Ekadashi is broken on the ‘dwadashi’ (12th day) by seeing the time mentioned in the Vaishnava calendar. The fast is broken by taking the ‘charnamrit’ (water after washing Krishna’s feet). If partial fast is observed it is broken by eating nuts or fruits.On this day certain species and food can only be eaten like fruits, all nuts,potatoes, milk, coconut, rock salt and black pepper to name a few. Eating rice and all form of grains are not allowed on ekadashi.

Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi | Vrat Katha

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