International Kite Festival in Pink City Jaipur Rajasthan

Kite festival or Makar Sankranti is celebrated in India on the occasion of the transition of the sun into the Northern hemisphere. At this time of the month everyone from 6 to 60 years can be seen on their terrace or field flying a small or big kites with their heads turned to the sky. The international Kite Festival in Jaipur is a three-day festival that is inaugurated near the Jaipur Polo Ground and is divided into two clear sections.This festival is celebrated on 14th of January every year, the day of Makar Sankranti.Makar Sankranti or 14th January is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and color every year. Red, blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, fushcia, indigo, ochre, gold and silver kites dominate the enchanting Jaipur skyline and add a romantic touch to ethereal pink Jaipur monuments. 

Many people take participation in the exciting competitions.This day finals of the Fighetr Kite Contest, prize distribution ceremony and a farewell dinner with the Maharaja are some of the events that are held on the last day of the festival.Indian Air Force helicopters commence the Makar Sankranti festivities by releasing kites from the sky, while hundreds of schoolchildren release balloons together from the ground.The Jaipur Tourism Development Corporation organises the International Kite Festival at a local stadium, where kite enthusiasts from all across the world show off their skills.
A number of international kite flyers will show their skills of flying artistic kites. These flyers are from the USA, Canada, the UK, Holland, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The special feature of these kites is that they measure as much as 4 to 5 meters across and are in shapes like dragons, birds, fish and other geometrical designs.Similarly, kite flyers from pan-India – Mumbai, Mangalore, Dahanu, Rajkot will also bring their colourful creations to fill the skies of Jaipur. A number of artistic kite makers will also partake in the festival.

History of International Kite Festival of Jaipur

The international Kite Festival in Jaipur has a long-standing history. The custom of flying kites is associated with Makar Sankranti. People celebrate the blessed day by flying kites, from their rooftops. Kite flying competitions are also organized on this festival.

People fly kites on Makar Sankranti because they receive the benefits of sun exposure. During winter, our body gets infected and suffers with cough and cold and the skin also gets dry during this season. When Sun moves in Uttarayan, its rays act as medicine for the body. During kite flying the human body is continuously exposed to sun rays, which eradicates most of the infections and in sanitation. 

International Kite Festival Jaipur 2017 Date: 13th January to 14th January

How To Reach Jaipur

By Air: Jaipur has own Airport  ,so Nearest Airport is Jaipur Airport.(13 KM)

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Jaipur Railway station.

By Road: There are many public and private vehicals available to reach Jaipur.

Picture Gallery of International Kite Festival Jaipur

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