Dariyai(Sea Shore) Kite Festival or Uttarayan in Khambhat(Cambay) in Gujarat

In Gujarat, the festival is celebrated with great zest and zeal. Uttarayan or Kite featival is large celebration in all over Gujarat.Khambhat is known for its kite making industry, special well fabricated kites that sells at above average price in market. Many people join kite making and kite sell business in Khambhat.Uttarayan is the time to indulge in ceaseless amazement - in the most pulse racing kite competitions. There are kites and more kites, in all shapes and designs, but some stand out for their sheer size and novelty. A majority of kites are prepared in Khambhat by generations of kite makers round the year.

During Uttarayan festival large numbers of people come here and buy Kite.Different types of wonderful kite sold here.After Uttarayan Sunday khambhat's people and many people celebrate kite festival sea shore of Khambhat known as Dariyai Uttarayan.Every year after Uttarayan day Sunday Sea Shore of Khambhat many people celebrated Kite flying with lot off enjoy.

On this day around 4 PM, almost all the people of Khambhat went to nearby sea shore, where currently salt has been produced.Just imagine four to 5 thousand people flying kites at one place.Here is some pictures and video of Dariyai (Sea Shore) Uttarayan or Kite festival in Khambhat.

Pictures of  Dariyai (Sea Shore) Uttarayan or Kite festival in Khambhat

Video of Dariyai(Sea Shore) Kite Festival or Uttarayan in Khambhat

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