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Shamalaji Fair(Kartik Purnima Fair)-Shamalaji Fair Date Year 2016 to 2021-Shamlaji Fair in Shamlaji Shamlaji Temple Gujarat

Shamlaji Fair or Shamalaji no Melo is known as Kartik Purnima Fair at Shamalaji Temple Gujarat.Shamlaji is 133 KM far of Ahmedabad Gujarat.Shamlaji Fair is extremely significant for the tribal Bhil community.The Shamlaji Melo, also called the Kartik Purnima fair is held in the month of November every year and lasts for about two weeks. Here is Some Fact about Shamlaji Fair.

Location: Shamlaji Temple,Shamlaji, Near Modasha ,Sabarkantha District,Gujarat
When: Kartik Purnima Every Year
Duration: About two Week
How to Reach by Air: The Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad Airport(133 KM).
How to Reach by Rail: The Nearest Railway station  is Shamaji Road Station(14 KM).
How to Reach by Road: Many Public and Private Vehicles Available to reach Shamlaji Fair.

Shamalaji Fair Date Year 2016 to 2021

Shamlaji Fair Date of Year2016: November 14 Monday
Shamlaji Fair Date of Year2017: November  4 Saturday
Shamlaji Fair Date of Year2018: November 23 Friday
Shamlaji Fair Date of Year2019: November 12 Tuesday
Shamlaji Fair Date of Year2020: November 30 Monday
Shamlaji Fair Date of Year2021: November 19 Friday

More Information about Shamlaji Fair

Shamlaji Fair is held in Shamlai Village near Modasa and Bayad city.Shamlaji Fair is held at very oldest Shamlaji Temple situated Bank of Meshwo River and National Highway no 8. Udaipur Highway near Rajasthan Border. Like other fairs and festivals of Gujrat in India, Shamlaji Fair is also colorful and vibrant and is a unique example of India's cultural heritage. Shamlaji Fair is a grand extravaganza in Gujrat as all the tribes take part in it.Apart from the fair, the auspicious bath in the river Meshwo is considered to be essential for the tourists for purgation. 

Devotees belonging to various castes and communities including the 'Garasias' and 'Bhils' throng this festival. These pilgrims come in groups, singing devotional songs and carry religious banners to have an audience of the deity at the Shamlaji Temple.The fair is also popular with the tribal people of the area, particularly the Bhils, who revere Shamlaji, the deity they refer to as 'Kalio Bavji', the dark divinity. 

Devotees are seen coming on foot, on camel and other means singing and dancing to participate in this fair. Many people are seen carrying flags, banners with their sacred symbols on them. During the Fair one of the main attractions of the devotees lies in taking sacred bathe in the river Meshwo, on the banks of which Shamlaji Temple is situated. They also offer prayers to the deity.Around 2 lakh people attend the fair, especially from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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Neareat visitingPlace of Shamlaji Fair

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Dharoi Dam
Vaktapur Teerth
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