Pushkar Fair Rajasthan Full Sheduale 8th November2016 till 14th November 2016

Here is Full of Shedule of  Pushkar Fair Rajasthan.


8th November Day 1 

The day will begin with the Pooja and Flag Hoisting ceremony followed by the Mandana competitions and art displays by renowned artist. The main attraction for the day will be the Football Match between the foreigners and locals. Apart from various art exhibitions, there will be a live music concert at night which will leave you spellbound. 

9th November  Day 2 

The beginning of the second day will see a traditional game of Langri Taang with the foreigners. The famous Camel Decoration Contest will be held on this day followed by the Camel Dance contest. At night there will be a singing competition for the locals namely, Voice of Pushkar. The night event will be a Folk entertainment by the local artists. 

10th November Day 3 

The third day will see humongous crowds for Horse Dance Contest and Kite Flying Demonstration. Rural games like tug-of-war and Volleyball will also be organised. Live concert at night will give you a peaceful feeling after the eventful day. 

11th November Day 4 

Spiritual Walk- early morning walk from the Gurudwara to the ground will leave you energised for the day. This is the day when cattles are cross-bred in the exhibition. A special dance performance at the end of the day will let you know about different dance forms of India. 

12th November Day 5 

If you are a hard core cricket fan, Lagaan Style Cricket Match will keep you glued to your seats. The special attraction of the day will be the Turban Tying and Moustache Contest which will bring the typical Rajasthani culture alive. Live Sufi concert and Indian Dance Performance by the foreigners at night will add to the charm of the festival. 

13th November Day 6 

Pack your running gears as Harmony Marathon will be held early morning from Ajmer to Pushkar. This day will also see the Matka Race and Musical Chair Race between women. Most competitions will be judged on this day with a special exhibition of Kabaddi Match with Bengal Warriors. Dont forget to watch the Indian Bride and Groom Contest later that night to get the traditional feel. 

14th November Day 7 

The commencement ceremony will begin with Mega Cultural Event and continue until eveningwhich will end with Maha Arti. People from all over the world come to be a part of this arti. Last but not the least is the Fireworks which will mark the end of the 7 day festival.

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