Pushkar Fair-Pushkar Camel Fair-Pushkar Fair Date 2016 to 2021-About Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan-World's Largest Camel and Cattle Fair

Rajasthan is at its colourful best during fairs and festivals which are aplenty throughout the year.These fairs brightening the otherwise hard and dreary lives of the villagers of this deseart state.One of the most popular and colorful fairs of the Thar deseart is the Pushkar fair , which begin on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and goes on for five days till Kartik Purnima.The time of the fair coincides with the bright half of the moon during the months of October-November.Here is the Some Fact about Pushkar Camel and Cattle Fair.

Some Fact about Pushkar Fair

Location: Pushkar Near Ajmer
State: Rajasthan
Generally Fair Timing: Every Year November(Kartik Month) 
Duration : 7 Days
Phone:094627 50383
Orgenised By : Rajasthan Tourism
How to Reach By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Ajmer Railway station(8 KM).
How to Reach By Air : The Nearest Airport is Jaipur Airport(131 KM).

Pushkar Fair Date of Year 2016 to 2021 

Pushkar Fair Date of Year 2016:  08 November to  15 November
Pushkar Fair Date of Year 2017:  28 October  to 4 November
Pushkar Fair Date of Year 2018:  15  November  to 23 November
Pushkar Fair Date of Year 2019:Coming Soon
Pushkar Fair Date of Year 2020:Coming Soon
Pushkar Fair Date of Year 2021:Coming Soon

About Pushkar Fair

The Pushkar Fair is annually held at Pushkar town, 11 Km from Ajmer in Rajasthan for 7 Days.This cultural and trade cum religious fair is an attractive and lively spectacle with Rajasthani men and women in their colorful tradition attire, saffron-robed and ash smeared Sadhus(monks) and thousands of bulls. cows,sheeps, goats,horses and camels in richly decorated saddles.The Fair attracts more than one lakh people , from all over Rajasthan as well as tourists from different parts of India and abroad.

The fair is thrown open to the public with a flag hoisting ceremony at the mela ground. In the evening, plenty of people assemble near the Pushkar Lake or Sarovar to see the deepdan (floating lamp) ritual and offer prayers in Brahma Temple.

Trading of cattle, camel races and dazzling displays of bangles, brassware,  clothes, camel saddle and halters make the fair colourful.Neckllaces of glass beads from Naguar , pottery, printed textiles from Jodhpur and Ajmer are all on sale here.Farmers, cattle traders and breeders buy and sell their animals, leather whips , saddles etc.There are facilites for camel rides also.

An Interesting part of the Pushkar fair is the mass trading of camel.Of course, cattle and other livestock are also traded, but camels hold center stage at Pushkar.Camel-traders and villagers from miles away converage here with their humped beats.Over 25,000 camels are traded, making this the worlds's largest camel fair.All the camels are cleaned, washed, adorned, some are interestingly shorn to form patterns, and special stalls are set up selling finery and jewelry for the camels. Camels at the Pushkar fair are decorated with great care. They wear jewelry of silver and beads. There are silver bells and bangles around their ankles that jingle-jangle when they walk. An interesting ritual is the piercing of a camel's nose.

The Religious Significance of Pushkar Fair



Lord Brahma Temple Pushkar

Pushkar is among the five main places of pilgrimage mentioned in the Hindu scriptures.It has large number of temples including one of the only two temples dedicated to Lord Brahma in India.During Pushkar fair hundreds of devotees take a ritual dip in the holy Pushkar Lake on the day of Kartik Purnima and and worship  the Brahma temple.

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is said to have been created by Lord Brahma and has 52 Bathing Ghats.Of them , Varaha Brahma and Gau are the important ones.Pilgrims flock from all over India to Pushkar at this auspicious tie.They also believe that all 300 million gods and goddesses are present at Pushkar Lake during the occasion.

Rituals of Pushkar Fair

Apart from the religious rituals and trading , people participate in a number of culctura and sporting events.The sweeping expanse of the desert becomes dotted with thousands of camels, stalls and camping families.The Rajasthan tourism Development Corporation takes adequate measures to facilitate convenient access to the fair site to accommodate the visitors to fair.

Get Full Information about Brahma Temple Click Here


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