Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date Year 2016 to 2021-About Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat-How to Observed-Vrat Katha-Pictures

Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date2016 to 2021

Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat is celebrated on the eleventh day of Margsheersha Ekadashi. Usually the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi is popularly known as the Mokshada Ekadashi. On this day Lord Vishnu followers or ‘Vaishnavs’ observe strict 24 hours fast and observed Vrat  on this sacred day. It is also known as the ‘Vaikuntha Ekadashi’ as it is believed that the doors of God’s abode ‘Vaikunth’ are open on this day.Here is Information about Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2016 to Year 2021.

Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2016: Saturday 10 December
Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2017: Thursday 30 November
Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat  Date of Year 2018: Thursday 18 December 
Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2019: Sunday 8 December
Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2020: Friday 25th  December
Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Date of Year 2021: Tuesday 14th  December

How  to Observed Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat 


It is believed that the observance of Mokshada Ekadaashi Vrat helps in granting heaven for the deceased forefathers. This day is also popularly celebrated as the Gita Jayanthi or the Mauna Ekadashi. This ritual is one of the most significant for the forgiveness of all sins and evil deeds committed during the entire life-time. Thus, as the name suggests Mokshada Ekadaashi helps in attaining Moksha or liberation. On this day Shri Krishna and the Bhagavad Geeta is worshipped. There is the recitation of Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta and aarti is done after this. Moreover, on this day Brahmins are fed and are given alms. Thus, the Mokshada Ekadaashi Vrat is of prime importance amongst the Hindus.

Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Katha and Vrat Vidhi 

Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Pictures


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