Christian New Year Clebration Around the World

Christian New Year festival are among the oldest and most universally observed. They generally include rites and ceremonies which are expressive of mortification, purgation, invigoration and jubilation over the renewal of life.Christian New Year falls in the 1st day of January. Most of population around the world celebrates New Year celebration in the 1st January.Christian New Year is always been a festival. Christian New Year is celebrated worldwide with fervor and passion. Get it in any country – USA, UK, India, France, America or Russia. The excitement and energy levels for the celebrating New Year never goes down. It always goes up for all over the world.Here is Some Information about New Year Celebration around the world.

In Siberia it is tradition to dive into a frozen lake while holding a tree trunk, which is placed underneath the ice.

In a traditional festival from Burma, people splash water on one another to start the New Year with a purified soul.

Armenian mothers bake special bread which they knead with good luck and good wishes.

In the Philippines homeowners open all their doors and windows on New Year's Eve in order to allow negative energy to leave and good energy to enter.

Spanish tradition holds that eating 12 grapes just before the clock chimes midnight will bring good fortune for all 12 months of the upcoming year.

One New Year's custom in Russia is to write a wish for the upcoming year on a piece of paper, then to burn the paper and place the ashes in a glass of champagne, which needs to be consumed right before the New Year is rung in for the wish to come true.

Residents in Johannesburg, South Africa throw old appliances and furniture out the window, representing the old adage "out with the old and in with the new."

Brazilians wear white clothing, a custom meant to bring good luck for the upcoming year. This is often accompanied by a trip to the beach to throw flowers in the sea while making a wish.

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