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World Post Day which is celebrated each year on 9th October, while the day was first and officially declared in 1969 by the Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo as a mean to mark the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s UPU creation in 1874.

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The "WORLD POST DAY" is celebrated each year on October 9th by the Postal administrations all over the world. The event was declared by the Universal Postal Union in 1969 to mark the creation of the UPU in 1874.

On this day in 1874 twenty-two Postal representatives from 22 countries gathered in the city of Bern in Switzerland, signed the "Treaty of Bern" and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) was created, initially under the name "General Postal Union". Four years later at the second congress which met in Paris, the name was changed to "Universal Postal Union". The "WORLD POST DAY" is observed on 09th October, recalling this date on which the Treaty of Bern was signed. The membership in the UPU has grown to 192 by now.After the foundation of the United Nations, the Universal Postal Union became a specialized agency of the UN in 1948.

It is recorded in history that the first known postal document found in Egypt, dates from 255 BC, but even before that time messages have exchanged between kings and emperors on nearly every continent using messengers. Eventually private individuals had been allowed to use the messengers to communicate with each other.The UPU Theme for the World Post Day each year is different. The theme for 2016 is Innovation, Integration And Inclusion .

In many international organizations and countries, high ranking officials or ministers make speeches or issue proclamations on the history or achievements of national or international postal services. Postal services may issue special postage stamps to commemorate the ideals, history or achievements of the national postal service on or around World Post Day. These are prized by stamp collectors and philatelists (people who study stamps). In addition, special lessons on these topics may be arranged for school children and the postal services and their employees may receive extra training or recognition and attention in the media.

The Universal Postal Union in cooperation with UNESCO has, for the past 35 years, organized an international letter-writing competition for young people. Many participating postal services use World Post Day to award prizes to the winners of the competition.

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