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Labh Pancham Date 2016 to 2021

Here is Information about Labh Pancham Festival Date of Year 2016 to 2021.

Labh Pancham Date Year 2016: November 5 Saturday
Labh Pancham Date Year 2017: October 25 Wednesday
Labh Pancham Date Year 2018: November 12 Monday
Labh Pancham Date Year 2019: November 1 Friday
Labh Pancham Date Year 2020: November 19 Thursday
Labh Pancham Date Year 2021: November 9 Tuesday

Aout Labh Pancham

 Labh Pancham is the final festival of the Diwali period. It is also known as ‘Laakheni Panchami’ and ‘Saubhaagya Panchami’ and 'Gyan Panchami'.Labh Pancham is observed on the fifth day during the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) in Kartik Month as per traditional Gujarati Calendar.Pancham is an auspicious day to commence business. Jains celebrate Pancham or Panchami by worshiping their books and praying for more knowledge. Hindu business men worship Goddess Lakshmi and open their accounts.

'Labh’ means benefit. People today usually wish for material ‘labh’ such as: a good job, good in-laws, riches and so forth. It is believed that works or activities started on Labh Panchami will go ahead successfully without any obstacles.On this day mostly people start Business ,open shops and start jobs.According to Hindu religions this day is very holy day for start new work.

Labh Pancham Whatsapp Status2016-Facebook Sms2016

Labh Means Benifit.May God give you all Labh on this auspicious day of Labh Pancham and always...Happy labh Pancham

Labh Pancham Ke Pavan avsar Par God Aapke or Aapke Parivar ko Saubhagya Pradan Kare Labh Pancham or Saubhgya Panchami ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye...

You and your Family all of Wishing a Happy Labh Pancham...

Labh Pancham is Last Day of Diwali, but Very Important Day..Happy Labh Pancham..

Labh Pancham Gretings2016

Labh Pancham Pictures2016

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