Kali Chaudas-Narak Chaturdashi-Choti Dowali Date 2016-About Kali Chaudas-Puja Timing and Shubh Muhurt Kali Chaudas2016-Significance2016

Kali Chaudas-Narak Chaturdashi-Choti Dowali Date 2016


Kali Chaudas or Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali is Celebrated this year on 28 th October Friday 2016, and According to Gujarati month Kali Chaudas celebrated month of Ashwin day of 14.

About Kali Chaudas -Narak Chaturdashi-Choti Dowali

Kali means Dark (evil) and Chaudas - Fourteenth. Thus, celebrated 14th day of Ashwin, Kali Chaudas is the day allotted to the worship of Maha-Kali or Shakti and is believed that on this day Kali killed the wicked Raktavija. Also referred to as Narak-Chaturdashi, Kali Chaudas is day to abolish laziness and evil which create hell in our life and shine light on life. The strength to protect others is referred as Kali, and if its used for God's work it is called Mahakali. The auspicious day, which falls a day before Diwali, is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Mahakali. In Gujarat, the day is also dedicated to Hanuman worship.

Usually, Narak Chaturdashi is observed on Kali Chaudas day.It must be noted that the Amavasi in the month of Ashwin is dedicated to Kali Puja in eastern parts of India. Diwali day is dedicated to worship of Kali in Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand and Assam. Tantric practitioners perform special pujas on the day.

The Rituals of Kali Choudas is strongly suggestive of the origin of Deepavaali as an harvest festival is performed. On this day delicacies are prepared from pounded semi-cooked rice (called Poha or Pova). This rice is taken from the fresh harvest available at that time. This custom is prevalent both in rural and urban areas especially in Western India.

On this day, a head wash and application of kajal in the eyes is believed to keep away the kali nazar (evil eye). Some say that those who are into tantra, learn their 'mantras' on this day. Alternatively, people offer Nived (food) to the goddess that is local to where they are originally from. This goddess is called their 'Kul Devi', in order to cast off evil spirits. Some families also offer food to their forefathers on this day. The second day of Diwali is known as Kali Choudas in Gujarat, Rajasthan & few part of Maharashtra. This reverence is called "Kali Chaudas or Kal Chaturdasi".

Hanumanji Puja on Kali Chaudas-Pooja Tioming,Muhurt  Kali Chaudas 2016


On this day we propose poojan to Hanumanji as our Kuldev to care for us as of Wickedness. The poojan is perform among oil, flowers, chandan and sindhur. Coconuts are also on hand to Hanumanji and prashad of Sesame start ladus and rice with ghee and sugar.

Kali Chaudas Nishita Puja Time - 22:54 to 23:45
Duration - 0 Hours 51 Mins
Chaturdashi Tithi Begins - 18:20 on 28th October 2016
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends - 20:40 on 29th October 2016

Significance of Kali Chaudas or Narak Chaturdashi  2016  

Kali Chaudas or Naraka-Chaturdashi is day to abolish laziness and evil. It is also known as as Kali Chaudas, where Kali means dark (eternal) and Chaudas means fourteenth, which is celebrated on the 14th day of the dark half of Kartik month. On this day goddess Kali is worshipped and it is believed that on this day Kali killed the asura (demon) Narakasura.

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