Sharad Purnima Special Doodh Poha and Kheer Recipe

On Sharad Purnima festival people make special Doodh Poha and Kheer Recipe.At the night they put in front of moon and then eat on open Places,Seashore.

Doodh Poha Recipe


Almond Chips


Boil milk and add sugar to it, mix well.Now add poha/ atukulu to this milk .
Here is y paala atukulu / beaten rice with milk / Doodh poha waht ever you call it as.
To Decorate with Elchi and Almond Chips.

Kheer Recipe


500ml milk
50gm rice Sugar according to taste
A few nuts (cashew, almond, raisin or others as per your choice)


Boil the milk.
Add water-soaked rice in the boiling milk.
Mix sugar according to your taste.
Cook on medium flame and stir continuously.
Slow & steady stirring is essential to avoid sticking.
In about 12-15 minutes kheer will become thick.
Now add some nuts according to your choice.
Cook for further 5 minutes.
Kheer is ready.
Serve in bowls and garnish with nuts.
Serve hot or cold according to your preference.

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