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According to Hindu Lunar calendar, the first fortnight of the month of Ashwani is designated for Karmic cleansing and for performing rituals and prayers for the ancestors. Popularly known as “Pitra Paksh” or Mahalaya Paksh; it is a 15 day period assigned to pray for peace, happiness and salvation of all the ancestors.

Ashwin Amavashya Date Year 2016 to 2021

Ashwin Amavashya Date Year 2016: September 30 Friday
Ashwin Amavashya Date Year 2017: September 20 Wednesday
Ashwin Amavashya Date Year 2018: October 9 Tuesday
Ashwin Amavashya Date Year 2019: September 28 Saturday
Ashwin Amavashya Date Year 2020: September 17 Thursday
Ashwin Amavashya Date Year 2021: October 6 Wednesday

About Sarvapitru Amavashya or Ashwin Amavashya 

Ashwin Amavashya is known as Sarvapitru Moksha Amavashya and Sarvapitri Darsha Amavashya(No moon day).Most Hindus observe a fast on that day and offer food to their ancestors.On this Amavasyas, Shraadh is done to forefathers by Bhramins whose fathers have died.Usually people perform ritual on the name of their forefathers on a specific tithi on which they died but at times, some of them do not know the specific tithi on which the mortal being of their ancestors left the body, in that case, 'Sarv pitra Amavasya comes to rescue. It is a day dedicated to all the forefathers irrespective of the tithi they died. The souls of our ancestors are bound with their karma they did on earth, and in order to provide them moksha(salvation), one needs to perform the rites and rituals of shraddh. One can also donate food, clothes, money on the name of their loved ones in order to expiate them of their karma.Aswin Amavasya or sarv pitra Amavasya is considered to be the most auspicious and most powerful one for performing funeral rites and tarpan (libation of water).After fasting one can take a dip in the river and later worship Lord Shiva.On this day married women take the holy bath for happy family life and for the long life of their husbands.They also worship the pipal tree.

There is also a popular story that Karna who was a famous character in Mahabharata after death could not get food. He was known for charity and he gave people a lot of gold but not food. When Lord Yama saw his state he advised Karna to go back to earth and feed the poor. Karna got back to earth and fed the poor during the pitri paksha. This enabled him to get food in his life after death. This is exactly why many people even today feed the poor on these days so that their forefathers get peace in their after lives.

Sarvpitru Moksha Amavashya or Ashwin Amavashya Whatsapp Status-Facebook Sms

May lord Vishnu give his Kamal Nayan
Drishti on you, on th eve of Ashwin Amavasya.
Happy Ashwin Amavashya

Is Amavashya Par Bhagvan Vishnu
aapko aur pitruo ko shanti de ...
Happy Ashwin Amavashya...

Happy Sarvapitru Amavashya

Happy Sarvapitri Darsha Amavashya...

Sarvpitru Moksha Amavashya or Ashwin Amavashya Greetings

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