Pitru Paksh Shraddh Whats app Status-Facebook Sms-Greetings-Pictures-Scraps

Pitru Paksha is a special program which we pray for our family member, who is no more.Pitru Paksha is one of the most important ceremonies of Hindus. Pitru Paksha is celebrated on the half of Hindu ashvin month.Here is Pitru Pksh Shraddh Special Whats app Status, Facebook Sms,Greetings,Pictures and Scraps.

Pitru Paksh Shraddh Whats app Status

May The Spirit Of Pitru Paksha Remains
Everywhere Whatever You Do
Whatever You Think
Whatever You Hope In Your Life
Wish You A Pitru Paksha..Shraddh
Happy Shraddh Days...

Hamare Pitruo Ko Sat Sat Namaskar
Prabhu Unki Atma Ko Shanti Arpe..
Happy Pitru Paksh Shraddh...

Pitru Paksh Shraddh Greetings

Pitru Paksh Shraddh Pictures

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