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Parsava Ekadashi which is also known as Parivartini, Vamana and Jayanti Ekadashi is observed during the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Bhadrapada and According to english month August-September.By observing the Parsva Ekadashi vrat, devotees benefit spiritual gains and it also helps them to strengthen their will power. Parsva Ekadashi is considered to be superior than the other ekadashi observances as it falls during the ‘Chaturmas’ period and the ‘Punya’ or virtues accumulated during this time is of higher value as compared to the normal months.

According to the Hindu mythology it is believed that during this period Lord Vishnu take rest and He shifts his sleeping position to the right side from the left side, and hence the name ‘Parsva Parivartini Ekadashi’. In some places, Lord Vamana, an avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshipped on the day of Parsva Ekadashi. By observing the sacred vrat of this ekadashi a person will be blessed with the divine blessings of Sri Hari Vishnu, who is the preserver of this Universe. 

 Parsava Ekadashi(Parivartini Jaljilni )Ekadashi Whats app Status-Facebook Sms

On Parsava Ekadasi, I wish Vamana Bhagwan
Gives you Immense Strength
To fight against all odds, evils and enemies and
you emerge out as a winner.
You Gains confidence and wisdom and is respected
and recognized in your sphere of work.

Parsava Ekadashi(Parivartini Jaljilni )Ekadashi Greetings

Parsava Ekadashi(Parivartini Jaljilni )Ekadashi Pictures

Parsava Ekadashi(Parivartini Jaljilni )Ekadashi Scraps

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