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Good Morning. Respected School Principals,My dear students and my friends,philosophers and Guide teachers.Today start Navratri festival, so i speak about Navratri festival.Navratri festival that focus on cultural or ethnic topics seek to inform members of their traditions.Navratri, a festival of nine nights celebrated in India is the one amidst those.Navratri, primarily a Hindu festival has been celebrated generally at the end of September or at the onset of October month based upon the Hindu lunar calendar. The Navratri festival represents the devotion to the Goddess Durga. In Sanskrit, the term Navratri, literally denotes nine nights. The Divine Shakti is worshipped throughout these nine nights and the tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadasami added to the festival of nine nights that commemorates the victory of the Divine Shakti over the wicked demons. The Navratri celebrated in this period between September and October is also known as Sharada (Sharad) Navratri or Maha or the Great Navratri, Sharad denoting winter.

Navratri celebration is categorized into three parts, each part consisting of three days, first part for Durga, Goddess for power or Shakti, the second Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity and the final for Saraswathi, Maatha for knowledge and wisdom with the tenth day completed as a day of Vijayadasami. Throughout the nine days of Navratri, devotees observe fasting depending upon their customs and region with one-time meal alone and the rest of the day not taking anything other than the morning meal. They also offer Bajans or stotrams or prayers for prosperous and healthy living. In addition, Navratri, other than being a time opted for spiritual introspection and purgation is believed to be auspicious for commencing new ventures on the tenth day or Vijayadasami day. In Maharashtra and in some North Indian states, during Navratri on the first day, a pot called ghata sthapana or Kalasa sthapana has been set up in a holy place at home with a lamp lit up inside the pot for nine days. This represents the universe or earth and the lamp that has been lighted up continuously as medium for devoting the Goddess Shakti or Shree Durgadevi.

The Navratri festival Gujarat is carried out with various customs and traditions and people offer adoration to Goddess Amba that is believed to exist in several forms. Navratri festival provides an opportunity to reflect and recognize the values of three gunas through that Human life is governed with. People from all age groups actively take part in this festival. They are found in colorful clothes and exquisite jewellery and perform Garba or ras dance. Even on this event the devotees give drama performances and music or bhajaan mandalis are also entertained. This remarkable Navratri festival’s first three days are attributed to tamo guna, the second three to rajo guna and than the last three for Sattva guna. During this event one worship the Mother Divine that is Ambaji Mata and even harmonize the three gunas.

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