Navratri Festival Dates and Garba Timing in Mumbai

There are two Navratri festival in a year. “Chaitra Navratri” or “Vasant Navratri” is usually in March or April and its ninth day is Ram Navami. In Maharashtra, the first day of Chaitra Navratri is “Gudi Padwa”.

The second Navratri is called “Sharad Navratri” and it is usually in September or October. The day after Sharad Navratri is Dusshera. In Mumbai it is Sharad Navratri that is celebrated with fervour and passion and this article is mainly about Sharad Navratri.
 Navratri Festival Start Date in 2016: October 1, 2016 (Saturday)

Idols of Goddess Durga are immersed (Visarjan) on “Vijayadashami”, October 11, 2016 (Tuesday).
Chaitra Navratri Festival Start Date in 2017: March 28, 2017 (Tuesday) (Gudi Padwa)
Chaitra Navratri Festival End Date in 2017: April 5, 2017 (Wednesday) (Ram Navami).
Mumbai has a 10:00 pm deadline for Dandiya Raas and Garba. On the last 2 days of Navratri, Garba and Dandiya organizers are allowed to play music up to 12:00 midnight.

As per Mumbai rules, 55 decibels is the maximum level of noise allowed in residential areas before 10:00 pm. After 10:00 pm, the noise level should not exceed 45 decibel.


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