Navratri Festival Celebrations in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Navratri, meaning 'nine nights', is one of the most popular and widely celebrated Hindu festivals in many parts of India. Gujarat, however, is the only state that erupts into a nine-night dance festival, perhaps the longest in the world. Each night, all over the state, villages and cities alike, people gather in open spaces to celebrate feminine divinity, referred to as Shakti.Devoted to Goddess Shakti, the Navratri festival in Ahmedabad is celebrated with gaiety and fervor. The main highlight of the festivity of nine nights is the folk dance of Gujarat called Garba. Each day of the fiesta begins with the performance of aarti. The entire state of Ahmedabad gets energized with the thought of celebrating the Navratri festival.

Ahmedbad Gujarat is the focus of Navratri celebrations with all night-long dance and festivities. 'Garba' is a devotional dance form that derives from the folklore of Lord Krishna singing and dancing with the gopis using 'dandiya' or slim wooden sticks. 'Raas Garba' has also evolved to include steps like 'Dodhiyu', 'Trikoniya', 'Lehree' and several others. What's more, with time, Navratri festival has seen changes in celebrations with well-choreographed dance performances, high-end acoustics and people dressed in made-to-order, bright costumes. Tourists flock to many places in Ahmedabad Gujarat to enjoy a mix of high-energy band music performances, singing and dancing.

Top Five Places in Ahmedabad Gujarati Celebrations Navratri Dandiya Raas

1) Mirchi Rock N’ Dhol, Ahmedabad

Not only is this one of the most unique garba and dandiya events in Ahmedabad, but it also manages to pull over 50,000 to 60,000 people to enjoy the festivity. You may not believe it, but the Mirchi Rock N’ Dhol has an actual line up of several different artists performing on each day of the nine-day-long celebration.

Address: Merriment Lawns, Sindhu Bhavan Road, SG Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

2) Ghumo Eno Garba, Ahmedabad

The very famous Devang Patel who is known for his parodies, is performing at the Pal Greens Club with his group and will ensure you have the time of your life. The leading Gujarati singer is all set to make over 5,000 people groove along.
Address: Palm Greens Club, Goblej, National Highway No 8, Between Bareja and Kheda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

3) Friends Garba, Ahmedabad

Though this place hosts a one-of-a-kind dance party for most dandiya lovers, it is organized for only two days and gets flooded by people within no time. Yes, it is extremely crowded, but who cares when you’re having an amazing time, right?
Address: Akash Aman Party Plot, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

4) Red Earth Garba, Ahmedabad

The music is great; the food is perfect as is the decor. But what makes Red Earth Garba so popular with the Amdavadis is that the large venue doesn’t get overcrowded and you’ll probably not feel claustrophobic.

Address:  Opposite Satva Vikas School, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

5) GMDC Ground, Ahmedabad

The GMDC Ground in Ahmedabad hosts the celebration of a lifetime with the Vibrant Navratri Mahotsav. While the main attraction is the aarti that happens just before midnight, the one thing that sets it apart from the rest of the venues in the city is its exhibition of handicrafts, the several activities for kids, the crafts market and the food court. But what’s even better is the huge stage that hosts some amazing artistes performing some of your favorite garba tracks.

Address: GMDC Ground, Khanij Bhavan, Mahader Mandir, 132 Feet Ring Road, Near University Ground, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

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