Things to do during Shravan month-Significance of Shravan month Weekdays

Things to do during Shravan month

During the Shravan month, offering milk to Lord Shiva earns a lot of punya.

Wear Rudraksh, and also use a Rudraksh mala for Japa.
Offer Lord Shiva Bhibhuti and place some on your forehead.
Make offerings of Bel leaves, Panchamrut (Milk, Yoghurt, Ghee – clarified butter, Honey and Jaggery) on Shiva Ling.
Recite Shiv Chalisa and Aarti
Chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
Fasting on Mondays. Girls who fast on all Mondays of Shravan get a good husband.

Significance of Shravan Weekdays

Each day in the month of Shravan has a special significance and has its own ritual.

Monday: Mondayis the day of Lord Shiva worship.
Tuesday: Gauri is worshipped in every home, by women for the good health of their family.
Wednesday: are dedicated to Vithala, a form of Vishnu or Krishna.
Thursday: are also days for worshipping Buddh and Guru.
Friday: every home worships Lakshmi and Tulsi.
Saturday: are for Saturn (Shani). It is also known as Shravan Saturdays, with the object of object of obtaining wealth. These days are known as Sampat Sanivara (wealth Saturdays).
Sundays: are meant worshipping the Sun god. Sun worship was general in the Vedic period and even now it is so. Especially in Shravan, every Sunday the Sun is worshipped without fail.

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