Teacher's Day Special Quotes-Teacher's Day Wishes

Every year 5th September All India Celebrated Teacher's Day.Teacher's day is birth Anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrushnan.In All Indian School Celebrate teacher's day celebrate Student.This day Students make teachers and they  run school one day.During this festival our philosophers, Education Ministers and many Persons create Quotes for this special days.Many people share wishes and Quotes by Whats app, Facebook,Twitter and many social Media.Here is We serve four you, your friends,well wishers and your Relative  Some amazing Teacher's Day Special Quotes and Teacher's day Special Wishes.I hope this like you..and share ...wish all of  Happy Teacher's Day. 

Teachers Day Special Quotes 


Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges. ― Joyce Meyer.

Just wanted to let you know how much your time, effort, and hard work is appreciated.

Live Life to the fullest focus on the Positive-Matt Cameron

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.
Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. - Anonymous  

What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. - Karl Menninger

The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity.-Robert Brault

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.-William Butler Yeats

Because teachers, no matter how kind, no matter how friendly, are sadistic and evil to the core.

Teacher's Day Wishes

 I take this chance to thank you for
All the guidance you have offered to me.
You a have been a fabulous mentor.
Happy Teacher's Day..

Dear teacher, Wishing you happy Teachers' Day.
Thank you for being the guiding light and
for inspiring me to do well in studies.
You are the best teacher.
Wishing you a Happy Teacher's Day

The dream begins with a teacher
Who believes in you,
Who tugs and pushes and leads you to
The next plateau, sometimes poking you with a
Sharp stick called truth.
Wishing you Happy Teacher's Day

They help us take shot at our goals,
They prepare us to play life’s roles,
They help us cross the difficult poles,
I shall remain indebted to such noble souls.
Wishing Happy Teachers’ Day....

You are not only our teacher
You are our friend, philosopher and guide
All molded into one person
We will always be grateful for your support
Wishing you Happy Teachers Day...

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