Somnath Mahadev Temple Live Darshan and Live Aarti During Shravan Month Celebration

 Somnath temple is located at Prabhas Patan which is seven km from veraval o the bank of Arabian seein the western cost of Gujarat India.The Somnath temple is among one and first of 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.During Shravan month Shri Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga Temple in many people go to Somnath to get blessing Somnath Mahadev.Whole month very cloud of people doing Darshan.

Monday of holy month of Shravan in Somnath Mahadev Jyotirling Temple and every Shiv Temples are attracting large number of visitors.Presented here are the Monday morning photographs just received from first Jyotirlina Shri Somnath mandir. While entire Shravan is considered as holy month by Hindus, four Somvars(Mondays) are considered especially auspicious as they are dedicated to Mahadev Shankar as per popular belief. Like every year, this year too Shri Somnath mandir is witnessing large number of visitors during holy month of Shravan. All hotels, guest houses and other facilities are fully occupied.Here is Somnath Jyotirlinga temple Live Aarti Darshan and Live Aarti and Some Pictures and Video for u.To Get Blessing of Somnath Mahadev to See Live Aarti Darshan.

Aarti Timing


Morning 7:00AM
Noon: 12:00 PM 
Evening: 7:00 PM

Live Darshan and Live Aarti Darshan Click Here

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