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Luv Kush Jayanti Date2016


Luv Kush Jayanti is observed on Shravan Purnima known as Rakshabandhan,Balev,Nariyeli Purnima.This Year Luv Kush Jayanti and Rakshabandhan is Celebrated on 18th August 2016.

About Luv Kush Jayanti

Luv Kush Jayanti is a festival to celebrate the birth anniversary of Luv and Kush, the twin sons of Lord Rama and Mother Sita.The twins were belived to be born in the asram of Rishi Valmiki, where Mother Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. lived after being abandoned by Lora Rama.The festival is celebrated predominantly in North India.

Luv Kush Jayanti Celebration

As such there are no specific celebrations on this day, but in various spiritual organizations, Ramayana Shlokas are chanted. Also on this day, chanting of Holy Ramayana is considered auspicious and in various places, program lasting for few that involves reading of whole Ramayana book are organized.People take bath early in the morning and go to the temple for offering their prayers. Especially Lord Vishnu or Narayana is worshipped on this day.

Luv Kush Jayanti-Whats app Status-Facebook Sms2016


May Lord Rama's Blessing 
With me and my Family,
Wishing all of Happy 
Luv Kush Jayanti...

Luv Kush are Son of Lord Rama
and Mother Sita,
They are very intelligent similar 
Lord Rama and Sita..
All of Very Happy Luv Kush Jayanti..

All of Wishing Very
Happy Luv Kush Jayanti..

Ram Sita Ke Pyare 
Vir Balak hai Nyare 
Sabko Karte Hai Pranam 
Jinke Pita hai Prabu Ram
Luv Kush Jayanti Ki Badhai Ho..

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